1. Nuclear Physics

                                     2. Astronomy and Astrophysics

                                     3. Space Physics

                                     4. Atomic and Molecular Physics

                                     5. High Energy Physics

                                     6. Condensed Matter Physics

                                     7. Optics and Lasers

                                     8. Plasma and Gas-discharge Physics

                                     9. Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

                                    10. Computer Science

                                    11. Meteorology and Geophysics

                                    12. Environmental Physics

                                    13. Alternative Sources of Energy

                                    14. Econophysics

                                    15. Applied Physics

                                    16. Biological Physics

                                    17. Physics Education

                                    18. History and Philosophy of Physics    



HALL A                        LECTURES   OF   GENERAL   INTEREST


Tuesday, 22.08. Programmatic research perspectives in Europe

1030 - 1100                      Christian Patermann (EU)


Tuesday, 22.08.             The origin of cosmic rays

1800 - 1840                      Sir Arthur Wolfendale (UK)


Wednesday, 23.08.        How nuclear magnetism impairs superconductivity

1100 - 1140                      Frank Pobell, Herrmannsdorfer Th. (Germany)


Wednesday, 23.08.        The physics at the Tevatron

1140- 1220                       Pierre Petroff (France)


Thursday, 24.08.            Telecoms and new economy in Balkans

1100 - 1140                      Nikos Pronios (Intracom)


Thursday, 24.08.            Tera byte optical memory disk system with high-efficient  

1140 - 1220                      semiconductor-type and coned coaxial cable-type for

                                    read/wright heads using a VCSEL array

                                    Kenya Goto, S.Mitsugi, Y.-J.Kim (Japan)


Thursday, 24.08.            Physics results at LEP-2

1220 - 1300                      Vilbur Venus (CERN)


Friday,  25.08.   Neutrino masses and oscillations in 2000 and beyond

1100- 1140                       Serguey Petcov




Invited  talks  and  oral  contributions:                        Hall B  

Tuesday,        22.08.2000.                                  1100 - 1300;         1300 - 1700

Wednesday,  23.08.2000.                                     900  - 1300;         1300 - 1700

Poster  session:

Wednesday,  23.08.2000.                       1P-001 ¸ 1P-028            1700 - 1900



Invited  talks  and  oral  contributions:                        Hall C  

Tuesday,        22.08.2000.                                  1100 - 1300;         1300 - 1900

Poster  session:

Wednesday,  23.08.2000.                      2P-001 ¸ 2P-027              900 - 1100



Invited  talks  and  oral  contributions:                        Hall C  

Wednesday,  23.08.2000.                                     900  - 1300;         1300 - 1700

Poster  session:

Thursday,       24.08.2000                       3P-001 ¸ 3P-009              900  - 1100



Invited  talks  and  oral  contributions:                        Hall E  

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                                                               900  - 1300

Poster  session:

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                        4P-001 ¸ 4P-032              1500 -1700



Invited  talks  and  oral  contributions:                        Hall D  

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                                                               1500 -1700

Poster  session:

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                        5P-001 ¸ 5P-005                1700 -1900



Invited  talks  and  oral  contributions:                        Hall A  

Tuesday,        22.08.2000.                                  1100 - 1300;         1500 - 1900

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                                      900  - 1100;         1500 - 1900

Thursday,      24.08.2000.                                     900  - 1100;         1500 - 1900

Friday,            25.08.2000.                                   900  - 1100;         1500 - 1900

Poster  sessions:

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                        6P-001 ¸ 6P-057            1100 - 1300

Thursday,      24.08.2000.                       6P-058 ¸ 6P-128            1100 - 1300

Friday,            25.08.2000.                     6P-129 ¸ 6P-192            1100 - 1300



Invited  talks  and  oral  contributions:                        Hall D  

Tuesday,        22.08.2000.                                    1100 - 1300;       1500 - 1700

Poster  session:

Tuesday,        22.08.2000.                      7P-001 ¸ 7P-049              1700 - 1900



Invited  talks  and  oral  contributions:                        Hall D  

Tuesday,        22.08.2000.                                    1100 - 1300;       1500 - 1900

Poster  session:

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                        8P-001 ¸ 8P-030                900 - 1100



Invited  talks  and  oral  contributions:                        Hall D  

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                                        900 - 1100;          1500 - 1700

Poster  session:

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                        9P-001 ¸ 9P-023            1700 - 1900



Invited  talks  and  oral  contributions:                        Hall D  

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                                                              1500 - 1700

Poster  session:

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                        10P-001 ¸ 10P-005          1700 - 1900



Invited  talks  and  oral  contributions:                        Hall E  

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                                                               1500 - 1900

Poster  session:

Thursday,      24.08.2000.                       11P-001 ¸ 11P-020              900 - 1100



Invited  talks  and  oral  contributions:                        Hall E  

Thursday,      24.08.2000.                                         900 - 1300;    1500 - 1900

Poster  session:

Friday,            25.08.2000.                     12P-001 ¸ 12P-040             900 - 1100



Invited  talks  and  oral  contributions:                        Hall F  

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                                                                1500 - 1900

Poster  session:

Thursday,      24.08.2000.                       13P-001 ¸ 13P-010              900 - 1100



Invited  talks  and  oral  contributions:                        Hall D  

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                                                                 1500 - 1700

Poster  session:

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                        14P-001                              1700 - 1900



Invited  talks  and  oral  contributions:                        Hall C  

Thursday,      24.08.2000.                                         900 - 1300;     1500 - 1700

Friday,  25.08.2000.                                     900 - 1100

Poster  sessions:

Thursday,      24.08.2000.                       15P-001 ¸ 15P-061              1700 - 1900

Friday,  25.08.2000.                   15P-062 ¸ 15P-090              1500 - 1700



Invited  talks  and  oral  contributions:                        Hall F  

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                                                                    900 - 1300

Poster  session:

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                        16P-001 ¸ 16P-029               1500 - 1700



Invited  talks  and  oral  contributions:                        Hall B  

Thursday,      24.08.2000.                                            900 - 1300;   1500 - 1900   

Friday,  25.08.2000.                                        900 - 1300

Poster  session:

Friday,  25.08.2000.                   17P-001 ¸ 17P-030             1500 - 1700



Invited  talks  and  oral  contributions:                        Hall B  

Thursday,      24.08.2000.                                                                 1500 - 1900   

Poster  session:

Friday,  25.08.2000.                   18P-001 ¸ 18P-003              1500 - 1700













Hall A                    CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS

Tuesday, 22.08.2000.

Morning Programme


1000 – 1100          Opening Ceremony




1100 - 1140           Quasiparticle transport in deformable solids in the presence of

                        electromagnetic fields

                        Pushkarov D.


1140 - 1220           Photophenomena and applications

                        Skarlatos Y.




1220 - 1240          The finite-size scaling functions of the five-dimensional Ising model

6O-001  Aktekin N., M.Kalay


1240 - 1500       LUNCH BREAK


Afternoon Programme



1500 - 1520          Reflection of electromagnetic waves at the boundary of optically

6O-002  active media

                        Lalov I., N.A.Kojouharova


1520 - 1540          Development and validation of analysis methods for thin film         

6O-003  multilayer optical spectra

                        Mitsas C., T.Zorba, D.Siapkas, D.Kushev


1540 - 1600          Frequency-resolved photoconductivity studies in amorphous

6O-004  AsSeSb

                        Akat E., G.Aktas


1600 - 1620          Photosensitisation of the ITO/a-Si:H p-i-n/Au photovoltaic cells with

6O-005  an organic thin layer of TPyP

                        Antohe S., L.Ion, V.Antohe


1620 - 1640          ESR studies of Cr doped CdIn2S4 tiospinels

6O-006  Rameev B., B.Aktash, S.Popov, R.Yilgin


1640 - 1710      COFFEE  BREAK


1710 - 1730          Radiative recombination centers in GaTe

6O-007  Guder H., B.Abay, H.Efeoglu, Y.Yogurtcu


1730 - 1750          Dynamics of water in hydrating cement pastes by inelastic slow

6O-008  neutron scattering

                        Padureanu I., Gh.Rotarescu, A.Radulescu, Zh.Kozlov,                                                V.Semenov, C.Turcanu, C.Dragolici




Hall A                   CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.          

Morning Programme



900 - 940  Silicon on insulator (SOI). The new silicon technology

                        Stoemenos J.




940 - 1000            Bias effect on the incommensurature-commensurate phase

6O-009  transition in TlGaSe2  cristal

                        Mikailov F., M.Seidov


1000 - 1020          Computer simulations of local electric properties in rubidium and

6O-010  potassium tetrachlorzincate cristals: a comparative study

                        Constantinescu S., M.Grecu


1020 - 1040          Eximer laser annealing of silicon films

6O-011  Friligkos S., M.Miyasaka, J.Stoemenos


1040 - 1100          Effect of boron doping on the optoelectronic characteristics of

6O-012  a-Si1-x:Cx:H alloys

                        Serin M., S.Ugur, H.Ugur


Afternoon Programme



1500 - 1520          Silver nanoclusters obtained by thermal detachment electron from

6O-013  Ag ions in NaCl, KBr and KI crystals

                        Enculescu M., V.Topa, E.Vasile


1520 - 1540          Exchange reactions and phase formation in metal-semiconductor

6O-014  interface

                        Ahmedova C., B.Barkhalov


1540 - 1600          Use of atomic-force microskopy for characterisation of silicon

6O-015  implanted with heavi ions at high doses

                        Angelov Ch., P.Groudev, A.Djakov


1600 - 1620          Specific contact resistance measurements on metal-GaTe contacts

6O-016  and its optimisation

                        Coscun C., H.Efeoglu, H.Guder, B.Abay, S.Aydogan,                                       T.Karacali, Y.Yogurtcu


1620 - 1640          Effect of photoannealing on characteristics of gamma-irradiated Cu-

6O-017  GaAs structures

                        Dzhafarov T., S.Yesilkaya, M.Subasi


1640 - 1710           COFFEE  BREAK


1710 - 1730          Frequency dispersion of Ge(Si)-ZnSe(CdSe) heterojunctions

6O-018  admittance

                        Korotkov V., L.Bruk, Sh.Kobir, P.Ketrush


1730 - 1750          Point defects in copper doped from Bi melt ZnS crystals

6O-019  Bruk L., V.Korotkov, P.Ketrush, K.Sushkevich,                                                            R.Sobolevskaya


1750 - 1810          Copper diffusion coefficient in silicon from transient ion diffusion

6O-020  Celebi Y.


1810 - 1830          Electrical characteristics of Ag-porous silicon structures

6O-021  Dzhafarov T., B.Omur, E.Cingi, Z.Allahverdiev


1830 - 1850           Influence of  Na diffusion on properties of CuInSe2 films and          

6O-022  CuInSe2-GaAs cells

                        Dzhafarov T., B.Sungu, E.Bacaksiz, D.Oren




Hall A                     CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS

Thursday, 24.08.2000.              

Morning Programme



900 - 940  Recent developments of home research on High-Tc super-                                     conductivity and colossal magnetoresistance: an attempted survay

                        Georgiev M., N.Balchev



940 - 1000            The use of II - VI compounds in the electronic applications

6O-023  Erel S., H.Cetinkara, E.Gocer


1000 - 1020           Nanoclusters of indium in KCl crystals theory and experiments

6O-024  Topa V., E.Apostol, S.Polosan, E.Vasile


1020 - 1040          Morphological and structural aspects of GaN films grown on         

6O-025  sapphire by MBE

                        Kehagias Th., Ph.Komninou, J.Kioseoglou, E.Sarigiannidou,                                     S.Mikroulis, K.Tsagaraki, A.Georgakilas, Th.Karakostas


1040 - 1100          Acoustic phonon absorption by a two dimensional electron gas in 6O-026   gallium arsenide

                        Erol M.


Afternoon Programme



1500 - 1520           Effective one band model and electronic spectrum for Zn-doped

6O-027  CuO2 plane

                        Plakida N., R.Hayn, Z.Kovacevic, I.Chaplygin


1520 - 1540          JC-dip effects in neutron irradiated YBa2Cu3O7-x

6O-028   Sandu V.


1540 - 1600          Effects of electron-electron interactions and of magnetic field on

6O-029  dencity of states in disordered metallic systems

                        Caliskan S., E.Sasioglu, E.Nakhmedov, M.Kumru


1600 - 1620          A new model of crystal growth from undercooled melts

6O-030  Dimitrov V., A.Gungor, M.Cumru, A.Avinc



1620 - 1640          XAFS and XRD studies on supported metal catalysts

6O-031  Aldea N., V.Martzian, M.Gorgoi, G.Gavrila


1640 - 1710          COFFEE   BREAK


1710 - 1730          Magnetic properties in bulk and glassy Nd50Fe40Si10-xAlx

6O-032  Chiriac H., N.Lupu, K.Rao


1730 - 1750          High-field charge trapping in irradiated and post-irradiation            

6O-033  annealed oxides

                        Pesic B., N.Stojadinovic


1750 - 1810          Morphology and refracting properties of lyotropic liquid crystalline

6O-034  mesophases

                        Nesrullajev A., N.Kazanci, T.Yildiz


1810 - 1830          The properties of vacancy structure of monatomic liquids

6O-035  Babic Stojic B., M.Stojic, D.Milivojevic


1830 - 1850          The equation of state and relaxation properties of polymers

6O-036  Solunov Ch., K.Paskalev, G.Damianliev




Hall A                     CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS

Friday, 25.08.2000.      

Morning Programme



900 - 920  Review of magnetometry (Classical methods)

6O-037  Mikhov M.


920 - 940  Induced transition metal moments in rare-earh compounds           

6O-038  Burzo E.


940 - 1000            Magnetic phase transition in CuGeO3 compound

6O-039  Akta B.


1000 - 1020          Temperature dependence of magnetic properties of LaSrMnO3 and

6O-040  (La0,67Ca0,33)MnO3 systems by ferromagnetic resonance (FMR)


                        Budak S., B.Akta


1020 - 1040          Investigation of the dynamics in ZR-H system by inelastic cold

6O-041  neutron scattering

                        Radulescu A., R.Lechner, I.Padureanu


1040 - 1100          Magnetic ordering in a family of 3-dimensional hybrid                   

6O-042  organic/inorganic magnets

                        Girtu M.


Afternoon Programme



1500 - 1520          Structural aspects of Mn-Fe olivine series

6O-043  Constantinescu S., G.Udubasa, S.Calogero, S.Redfern


1520 -1540           Ni-Zn ferrite for high frequency

6O-044  Caltun O., L.Spinu, M.Feder, M.Tasca


1540 - 1600          Exchange modes and localized magnetization in magnetic                       

6O-045  superlattices

                        Kapor D., M.Pavkov, M.Pantic, M.Skrinjar, S.Stojanovic


1600 - 1620          Ground state properties of antiferromagnetic superlattices

6O-046  Stojanovic S., M.Pavkov, M.Pantic, M.Skrinjar, D.Kapor


1620 - 1640          A comparative study of magnetic materials

6O-047  Kockar H., N.Tutkun


1640 - 1710          COFFEE  BREAK


1710 - 1730          Preparation and magnetic properties of Ni1-xMnxO solid solutions

6O-048  Markovic D., V.Kusigerski, V.Spasojevic


1730 - 1750          Paramagnetic temperatures and exchange interactions in mixed 6O-049    rare earth sesquieoxides

                        Mitric M., D.Rodic, B.Antic, V.Kusigerski


1750 - 1810          Magnetic structure of the yttrium iron garnet in zero and in the      

6O-050  applied magnetic field

                        Rodic D., M.Mitric, H.Rundolf, R.Tellgren


1810 - 1830          Magnetic and microstructure characterisation of FeWS thin films

6O-051  Sulitanu N.


1830 - 1850          Electric transport properties of n-GaAs determined by magneto-

6O-052  resistance measurements

                        Ciupina V.




Hall B                                 NUCLEAR PHYSICS

Tuesday,  22.08.2000.

Morning Programme



1100 - 1140          Is there a reflection-asymmetric phase transition in N=88 nuclei?





1140 - 1200          A pairing strength appropriate to the fixed particle number pairing

1O-001  theory

                        Slavov B.


1200- 1220           Monte Carlo calculations of positron implantation profiles and

1O-002  backscattering probabilities in gold

                        Aydin A.


1220 - 1240          Calculation of the critical parameters for an infinite cylinder using

1O-003  the FN method

                        Yildiz C, E.Birol, E.Alcan


1240 - 1300          Neutron emission spectra of some magic nuclei

1O-004  Aydin A., B.Sarer, E.Tel


1300 - 1500          LUNCH  BREAK


Afternoon Programme



1500 - 1540          Microscopic description of newly discovered mixed symmetry                         states

                        Stoyanov Ch.




1540 - 1600          Investigation of the (n,2n)reaction cross sections for some

1O-005  neighbour deformed nuclei

                        Tel E., B.Sarer, A.Aydin, G.Tanir, S.Okuducu


1600 - 1620          RMS radii and skin thicknesses of some halo nuclei

1O-006  Sarer B., E. Tel, A.Aydin, G.Tanir, S. Okuducu


1620 - 1640          High resolution (g,n) measurement at intermediate energy

1O-007  Akkurt I., J.Annand, J.O.Adler


1640 - 1710          COFFEE   BREAK


1710 - 1730          Studies on ancient coins using XRF and PIXE

1O-008  Constantinescu B.


1730 - 1750          Optimizing the neutron diffractometers configurations

1O-009  Ionita I., M.Ducu


1750 - 1810          Measurements of the 65Cu(n,a) 62m,gCo reaction cross sections

1O-010  around 14 MeV neutron energi

                        Durusoy A., M.Subasi


1810 - 1830          Possibility for detecting cooperative annihilation of parapositronium           

1O-011  by spectrometer ARGUS

                        Antovic N., A.V.Berestov, S.K.Andruhovich, P.Vukotic,                                               S.Dapcevic


1830 - 1850          Collisional damping of giant monopole resonance

1O-012  Yilmaz O., A.Gokalp, S.Yildirim, S.Ayik




Hall B                               NUCLEAR PHYSICS

Wednesday,  23.08.2000.

Morning Programme



900 - 940  Nucleon removal reactions from 16O  and 40Ca within nuclear

                         correlation methods

                         Antonov A., M.Gaidarov, K.Pavlova, M.Ivanov, S.Dimitrova,                          M.Stoitsov, C.Giusti, D. Van Neck, H.Muther




940 - 1000            Giant dipole responce function at finite temperatures

1O-013  Gokalp A., K.Bozkurt, O.Yilmaz


1000 - 1020          Shape coexistence at high spin in the N = Z + 2 nucleus 70Se

1O-014  Rainovski G., H.Schnare, R.Schwengner, C.Plettner,                                      L.Kaubler, F.Donau, Ragnarsson I., J.Eberth, T.Steinhardt,                            O.Thelen, M.Hausmann, A.Jungclaus, K.Lieb, A.Muller,                                     Angelis, A.Gadea, D.Napoli, A.Algora, D.Jenkins,                                                       R.Wadsworth, A.Wilson


1020 - 1040          Determination of the photon attenuation coefficients for Turkish

1O-015  soils by gamma-transmission

                        Akbal S., A. Baytas


1040 - 1110          COFFEE  BREAK


1110 - 1130          Measurements of elastic properties of UO2 pellets by ultrasonics

1O-016  Aksit A., S.Ekinci, S.Akbal, M.Aybers, S.Can


1130 - 1150          Potatoes irratiation by using TRIGA Mark-II reactor

1O-017  Ayaz B., A.Bilge


1150 - 1210          Fault tree analysis method for normal operation systems of reactor

1O-018  WWER-1000

                        Manchev B., B.Marinova, B. Nenkova


1210 - 1230          Nuclear emergency response in Albania

1O-019  Dollani K.


1230 - 1250          Channel power distributions for adjuster shim operation with MCA

1O-020  banks in the reaktor core

                        Margeanu C.


Afternoon Programme



1500 - 1520          Critical channel powers estimation for nuclear safety analyses, in

1O-021  normal MCA insertion

                        Margeanu C.


1520 - 1540          Reliability of access control system of Tesla accelerator instalation

1O-022  Orlic M., J.Comor, O.Cuknic


1540 - 1600          The study of ionic composition of the “hot” particles containing U

1O-023  and Sr formed due to the nuclear power plant accident simulation                          on the basis of the U5f-,4f-, and 3d-XPS parameters

                        Teterin Y., V.Nefedov, C.Ronneau, J.Vanbergin, J.Cara,                                             I.Utkin, A.Dementiev, A.Teterin, A.Nikitin, K.Ivanov,                                       Vukchevich L., Dj.Bek-Uzarov


1600 - 1620          The determination of the d13C in petroleum and normalization of its

1O-024  values

                        Zoto J., A.Bitri, A.Jasimi, B.Cico, T.Zoto, P.Goshi


1620 - 1640          30 years nucleodynamics

1O-025  Karastoyanov A.




Hall B                           PHYSICS EDUCATION

Thursday, 24.08.2000.  

Morning Programme



900 - 920  Gravitational billiard

17O-001            Urumov V.


920 - 940  The quantum nondemolition experiments and the uncertainity

17O-002            principle

                        Gurel Z., A.Gurel


940 - 1000            From linear to nonlinear and chaotic systems

17O-003            Grosu I.


1000 - 1020          Physics in biomedical studies

17O-004            Popovic D., G.Djuric


1020 - 1040          Some common misconceptions in fundamental magnetism

17O-005            Erol M., H.Callica, N.Kavcar, M.Aygun, S.Caliskan, R.Kalem


1040 - 1110          COFFEE   BREAK


1110 - 1130          Fourier analysis of periodic functions

17O-006            Ustuner I., N.Unal


1130 - 1150          Methods for presenting key concepts in physics for MS students by 17O-007         “Photon-MD” program

                        Sterian P., C.Toma


1150 - 1210          Learning electricity by simulations

17O-008            Logofatu M.


1210 - 1230          Virtual instrumentation in physics

17O-009            Logofatu B., M.Munteanu


1230 - 1250          Simulations and virtual media in physics

17O-010            Logofatu B., M.Munteanu, M.Logofatu


1250 - 1500          LUNCH   BREAK


Afternoon Programme



1500 - 1520          Microcomputers based laboratory for physics education

17O-011            Logofatu B., M.Munteanu


1520 - 1540          Interfacing computers with “UNIMESS”

17O-012            Lincke R., B.Logofatu, M.Munteanu


1540 - 1600          Efficiency of the computer based education in accomplishing        

17O-013            professional and social tasks

                        Ghelmez M.


1600 - 1620          Computer tools for improving higher education

17O-014            Dumitru B., N.Rizescu, R.Trascu, D.Ghelmez, M.Ghelmez,                              M.Nedelcu


1620 - 1640          Evaluation of student satisfaction in phisics laboratory courses at

17O-015            university level

                        Sezgin G., A.Ellez, M.Erol, H.Callica, N.Kavcar


1640 - 1710          COFFEE   BRAKE


1710 - 1730          An investigation of assesment system in science teacher education

17O-016            Bakac M., H.Aydin


1730 - 1750          Modelization of the RL circuits with ferrite core

17O-017            Caltun O.




1750 - 1810          The dynamics of the wave-function collapse

18O-001            Gurel A., Gurel Z.


1810 - 1830          Milestones in the development of physical sciences in the Sofia

18O-002            University (1889-1949)

                        Kamisheva G., A.Vavrek


1830 - 1850          Lecture courses in physical sciences in the Sofia university (1889-

18O-003            1949)

                        Kamisheva G., A.Vavrek




Hall B                             PHYSICS EDUCATION

Friday, 25.08.2000.

Morning Programme



900 - 920  Physics teacher development

17O-018            Ciascai L., L.Chicinas            


920 - 940  Conceptions of various high school students concerning

17O-019            mechanics learning

                        Ozek N., M.Uzunkavak


940 - 1000            Conceptions of various high school students concerning simple

17O-020            electricity and magnetism

                        Ozek N., M.Uzunkavak


1000- 1020           Misconceptions of high school students in liquid pressure

17O-021            Senlik Y.



1020 - 1040          Creative abilities development conducting amateur research          

17O-022            observations in the astronomy school

                        Stoev A.


1040 - 1110                    COFFEE   BREAK


1110 - 1130          Analysis of the problematic, research and creative nature of the    

17O-023            problems for astronomical olympiads

                        Bozhurova E., A.Stoev


1130 - 1150          Student teacher’s views to science textbooks in Turkey

17O-024            Aydin H., M.Bakac


1150 - 1210          Teaching-learning stereotypes implied in Rigas Velenstinlis’

17O-025            scientific texts

                        Vlahos I., G.Kyritsis, G.Tsafoutis, A.Mpalasis, G.Rentifis,                                 S.Altani


1210 - 1230          Teaching on discharge of the capacitors

17O-026            Caltun I., O.Caltun





Tuesday,  22.08.2000.

Morning Programme



1100 - 1140          Microlensing events and dark matter in the halo of our Galaxy



1140 - 1220          Supermassive black holes in nuclei of galaxies

                        Tsvetanov Z.




1220 - 1240          High-velocity outflows in symbiotic systems

2O-001  Kolev D. et al.


1240 - 1300          The Mg2 - logs relation through the extragalactic database                        


                        Golev V., P.Prugniel


1300 - 1500          LUNCH   BRAKE



Afternoon Programme



1500 - 1540          Hydrodynamic flows versus geodesic motions and the      

                        datarmination of nuclear masses of galaxies

                        Spyrou N.




1540 - 1600          1999 Solar eclipse corona in polarized white light preliminary        

2O-003  results

                        Ozkan T., T.Ak, V.Kulijanishvili, T.Ozisik, A.Okten,



1600 - 1620          On the dynamics of H-alpha eruptive prominences loops

2O-004  Dermendjiev V., P.Nenovski, N.Petrov, A.Okten


1620 - 1640          Initial phase of generation of coronal mass ejection on November 2O-005    6, 1997. The role of diamagnetic force

                        Koleva K., V.Dermendjiev


1640 - 1710          COFFEE   BREAK


1710 - 1730          High resolution observations of prominences and coronal cavities  

2O-006  during 1999 total solar eclipse

                        Kokotanekova J., D.Kokotanekov, N.Petrov, V.Dermendjiev


1730 - 1750          Oscillatory phenomena and brightness effects in quiescent                       

2O-007  prominences

                        Detchev M., V.Dermendjiev, B.Rompolt


1750 - 1810          Magnetosphere-ionosphere forcing by solar flare-CME on 3 - 6      

2O-008  April 2000

                        Bochev A., V.Dermendjiev, K.Koleva


1810 - 1830          Structure of the emission monochromatic solar corona in the green           

2O-009  (5303 A) and red (6374 A) lines

                        Muglova P., A.Stoev


1830 - 1850          New achievements in registration of components of the solar

2O-010  corona

Shopov Y., D.Stoykova, A.Tanev, D.Petrov, A.Savcheva




Hall C                                 SPACE PHYSICS

Wednesday,  23.08.2000.

Morning Programme



900 - 940  Magnetospheric turbulence: theory and observations

                        Antonova E.




940 - 1000            On the numerical experiments related to Sun-Earth connection

3O-001  events

                        Echim M., J.Lemaire


1000 - 1020          Magnetosheath ions in the high-latitude boundary layer: a case

3O-002  study based on INTERBALL-1 data

                        Koleva R., V.Smirnov, J.Semkova, D.Teodosiev


1020 - 1040          Anomalous flows at the dayside high-latitude magnetopause as    

3O-003  observed by INTERBALL tail probe

                        Avanov L., V.Smirnov, O.Vaisberg, A.Skalsky


1040 - 1110          COFFEE   BREAK


1110 - 1130          A case study of the magnetic storms in april 1997: effects of

3O-004  turbulence in the boundary layer of the magnetosphere based on                           data of ULF instruments onboard subsatellite “MAGION 4”

                        Teodosiev D., R.Koleva, P.Hristov, I.Shibaev, E.Plandin,

                        J.Vojta, P.Triska


1130 - 1150          Generation of the Langmuir wave packages in polar ionosphere

3O-005  Lizunov G., K.Stasiewicz, Y.Khotyaintsev


1150 - 1210          Suprathermal electrons at high latitudes as observed from                        

3O-006  Intercosmos-Bulgaria 1300 satellite

                        Bankov L., A.Vassileva, D.Danov


1210 - 1230          Field-aligned currents structures in the ionosphere

3O-007  Nenovski P., D.Danov, A.Bochev


1230 - 1250          Investigation of the auroral oval experiment UVSIPS - INTERBALL

3O-008  project

                        Spasov S., P.Petkov, K.Palazov, A.Atanasov


Afternoon Programme



1500 - 1520          Spacecraft potential measurements on board of the Intercosmos   

3O-009  Bulgaria 1300 satellite

                        Stanev G., N.Bankov, S.Chapkunov, G.Gdalevich, L.Todorieva


1520 - 1540          Secular cycle of the North-South Solar asymmetry

3O-010  Georgieva K., B.Kirov


1540 - 1600          Solar cycle influence on the seismic activity

3O-011  Kirov B., K.Georgieva


1600 - 1620          Electromagnetic and plasma effects of the seismological activity in           

3O-012  the Earth ionosphere

                        Isaev N., O.Serebriacova, D.Teodosiev


1620 - 1640          Ozone - geomagnetic activity and precipitation of relativistic                      

3O-013  electrons

                        Tassev Y., D.Tomova


1640 - 1710          COFFEE   BREAK


1710 - 1730          Self regulation of the ozone-HF-HCl balance in the atmosphere

3O-014  Mateev L., Y.Tassev, P.Velinov


1730 - 1750          Some effects in lower ionosphere due to thundercloud electrostatic           

3O-015  fieldss

                        Tonev P.


1750 - 1810          An approuch for measuring the ULF electric and magnetic fields in            

3O-016  the system ionosphere-atmosphere-litosphere

                        Boytchev B., P.Nenovski, I.Kutiev


1810 - 1830          The UV radiation and the ozone content during the solar eclipse on           

3O-017  11 August 1999

                        Petkov B., T.Gogosheva, D.Krastev




Hall C                                 APPLIED PHYSICS

Thursday,  24.08.2000.

Morning Programme



900 - 940  X-ray detection for imaging

                        Bourgoin J.




940 - 1000            The behaviour of Se thin films in constant and alternating electric  

15O-001            field

                        Deger D., K.Ulutas


1000 - 1020          The effect of high-energy Kr ion irradiation on boron distribution in  

15O-002            silicon

                        Dinu N., I.Antonova, V.Skuratov


1020 - 1040          Analysis of the thermal processes and the shapes of melted zones           

15O-003            at electron beam welding and melting

                        Koleva E., G.Mladenov


1040 - 1110          COFFEE   BREAK


1110 - 1130          Electron and ion lithography and radiation modification of

polymeric 15O-004         materials for microelectronics and photonics

                        Mladenov G.


1130 - 1150          Characteristics of grain boundary migration and sliding, during low            

15O-005            cycle fatigue of pure lead

                        Vevecka A., T.Langdon, E.Evangelista


1150 - 1210          Photoelectron signal simulation from multilevel thin film structures

15O-006            Vutova K., G.Mladenov, T.Tanaka, K.Kawabata


1210 - 1230          Growth regimes of quantum dots in glass

15O-007            Yukselici M.


1230 - 1250          International system of units - SI in physics sciences and legal     

15O-008            public applications

                        Bek-Usarov Dj., Y.Teterin, L.Vukchevic, D.Rakovic


Afternoon Programme



1500 - 1520          Determination of concentration profiles for entrance region of         

15O-009            turbulent pipe flow by using radiotracer technique

                        Altinsoy N., A.Tugrul


1520 - 1540          An integrated multi-layer network

15O-010            Doukoglou T., A.Lambros, S.Petalas


1540 - 1600          Recycling of electric and electronic waste in Greece: possibilities

15O-011            and prospects

                        Konstantinidis P., A.Scordilis, J.Kaldellis


1600 - 1620          A physical study of the art of marbling

15O-012            Oruc C., I.Karabay, F.Basar, D.Oren


1620 - 1640          An overview of thermodynamic gas cycles working at quantum      

15O-013            degeneracy conditions

                        Sisman A., H.Saygin


1640 - 1700          Space-charge effect in argon based gas detectors

15O-014            Tapan I., N.Demir




Hall C                                 APPLIED PHYSICS

Friday, 25.08.2000.

Morning Programme



900 - 920  Physics methods of human body ionizing radiation dosimetry in

15O-015            emergency internal radionuclide contamination

                        Bek-Uzarov Dj., Y.Teterin, L.Vukchevic


920 - 940  The effect of radiation on low cycle fatigue behaviour of a stainless            

15O-016            steel

                        Dogan N., M.Baydogan, A.Turgul, H.Cimenoglu


940 - 1000            Transducer and method for quantitative non-destructive                 

15O-017            evaluatiation of pressure tubes of the nuclear reactor from nuclear                          power plants

                        Grimberg R., A.Savin, D.Premel, B.Bradu


1000 - 1020          Evaluation of fatigue state of Si 3%-Fe sheets based on non-        

15O-018            destructive magnetic measurements

                        Grimberg R., M.Craus, A.Andreescu, A.Savin


1020 - 1040          Eddy current evaluation of delamination in carbon-epoxy composite

15O-019            materials

                        Grimberg R., A.Savin, R.Steigmann, D.Premel


1040 - 1110          COFFEE   BREAK


1110 - 1130          Propagation of Lamb waves in layered wood materials: debonding

15O-020            evaluation

                        Grimberg R., A.Lupu, C.Rotundu, A.Andreescu


1130 - 1150          Dosimetric personal control of occupational staff by film and TLD  

15O-021            dosimeters

                        Mberica J., L.Quafmolla


1150 - 1210          Pore formers effect on UO2 sintered pellets

15O-022            Ohai D., I.Dumitrescu, V.Balan, M.Mihalache


1210 - 1230          Romanian experience in obtaining and use of radioactive products

15O-023            in medicine, scientific research, economy

                        Sahagia M.


1230 - 1250          Slow waves in a circular ferrite-dielectric waveguide

15O-024            Georgiev G., T.Stoyanov, M.Georgieva-Grosse


1250 - 1310          Visual system modeling by means of “black-box” fuzzy approach

15O-025            Creanga D.


1310 - 1330          Comparison of iron loss increase under PWM excitations in various          

15O-026            type of toroidal cores

                        Tutkun N., H.Kockar




Hall D                               OPTICS AND LASERS

Tuesday, 22.08.2000.

Morning Programme



1100 - 1140          Pulsed laser deposition of planar waveguide lasers

                        Atanasov P.


1140 - 1220          Nonlinear-optical processes with multistep-cascading

                        Saltiel S.         


Afternoon Programme



1500 - 1540          State of the art optimization of spectacle lenses (PAL)

                        Haimerl W., P.Baumbach




1540- 1600           Polarization and polarization controling in optical fibers

7O-001  Kara Y., A.Gungor


1600 - 1620          Stark parameters dependence on the emitter rest core charge

7O-002  within 2p-3d and 2s-2p transitions

                        Scepanovic M., J.Puric


1620 - 1640          Blue shifting in the photoluminescence emission spectrum of       

7O-003  ZnS:Ga semiconductor crystal exited by He-Cd laser

                        Erel S., I.Uluer


1640 - 1700          Coherent effects in optical pumping of atoms

7O-004  Cartaleva S., Y.Dancheva, C.Andreeva





Wednesday,  23.08.2000.

Morning Programme



900 - 940  Lessons from two-dimensional conformal field theory

                        Todorov I.




940 - 1000            Quantum machanics and quantum cosmology at the Planck scale

9O-001  Djordjevic G., B.Dragovich, L.Nesic


1000 - 1020          The investigation of Bose excitations in quark-gluon plasma in the

9O-002  light-cone gauge

                        Veli E.


1020 - 1040          Coherent multiple backscattering of waves beyond the diffusion     

9O-003  approximation

                        Slavov P., M.Mateev, M.Kostov


1040 - 1110          COFFEE   BREAK


1110 - 1130          Numerical phenomena in FD simulations of the ultrasound            

9O-004  propagation in different media

                        Iordache D., M.Scalerandi, V.Iordache


1130 - 1150          Determination of the frequency dependent Zener’s effective                       

9O-005  parameters of Christensen’s media

                        Iordache D., M.Scalerandi


1150 - 1210          Anomalous magnetic momentum of electron

9O-006  Todorovic Z., D.Todorovic


1210 - 1230          Model of leptons: electron, muon, tauon and their neutrinos

9O-007  Rangelov J.


1230 - 1250          Hamilton formulation of the dynamics of RLC-circuits

9O-008  Tanisli M., K.Ozdas


Afternoon Programme



1500 - 1520          Generalized moonshine and Abelian orbifolds

9O-009  Ivanov R., M.Tuite


1520 - 1540          Generalized Taub-NUT metrics and Killing-Yano tensors

9O-010  Visinescu M.


1540 - 1600          Hamilton-Jacobi formalism of the systems with constraints

9O-011  Baleanu D., Y.Guler


1600 - 1620          On Schrodinger-type equation on p -adic spaces

9O-012  Dimitrijevic D., G.Djordjevic, B.Dragovich


1620  - 1640          Free particle in fractional-dimensional space

9O-013  Matos-Abiague A.





Thursday, 24.08.2000.

Morning Programme



900 - 940  Matrix fields and string theories

                        Kostov I.




940 - 1000            Reductions and real forms of Hamiltonian systems related to N-    

9O-014  wave type equations

                        Gerdjikov V., G.Grahovski


1000 - 1020          Dynamical models for N-solution interactions

9O-015  Gerdjicov V.


1020 - 1040          Multiscale analysis of a Davydov model with an harmonic long      

9O-016  range interaction of Kac-Baker type

                        Grecu D., A.Visinescu


1040 - 1110          COFFEE   BREAK


1110 - 1130          Syncronization of chaotic trajectories using an active control

9O-017  Codreanu S., A.Marcu


1130 - 1150          The geomagnetic field reinforcement by the different rotation of      

9O-018  inner core and mantle

                        Duka B.


1150 - 1210          New theoretical results on controlling cardiac dynamics

9O-019  Grosu I., F.Topoliceanu, I.Diaconu


1210 - 1230          A new model of dilatonic gravity

9O-020  Fiziev P.


1230 - 1250          Exact  solutions in Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton gravity

9O-021  Yazadjiev S.


1250 – 1310         On adelic generalisation of minisuperspace cosmological models

9O-022  Dragovich B., L.Nesic


Afternoon Programme





1500 - 1540          Spin of the nucleon

                        Platchkov S.




1540 - 1600          Rare decays of neutral kaons. (NA48).

5O-001  Cheshkov C., P.Hristov




1600 – 1620         A numerical algorithm for modeling of boson - fermion stars in       

10O-001            dilatonic gravity

                        Boyadjiev T., M.Todorov, P.Fiziev, S.Yazadjiev


1620 – 1640         The influence of the model of Chua’s diode characteristic on the    

10O-002            frequency spectrum

                        Codreanu S., A.Marcu, A.Savici


1640 - 1710          COFFEE   BREAK


1710 – 1730         Numerical solution of selected partial differential equations in        

10O-003            mathematical physics

                        Cristea M., A.Cristea


1730 – 1750         Determining of unknown source parameter in a heat equation

10O-004            Golayoglu A., Can E.


1750 – 1810         Design consideration and performance of the digital lock-in

10O-005            amplifier 10O-004 with FPGA

                        Burda I., S.Simon, M.Todica, G.Cerbanic, S.Anghel, A.Simon




1810 – 1830         Spectral representation of financial and economic time series

14O-001            Yordanov O.




Hall E                           PLASMA AND GAS-DISCHARGE PHYSICS

Tuesday, 22.08.2000.

Morning Programme



1100 - 1140          Nonlinear effects in inductive discharges

                        Godyak V.




1140 - 1200          Surface-wave sustained discharges - self-consistent modelling

8O-001  Benova E., T.Petrova


1200 - 1220          An unified numerical solver for fluid+Maxwell’s equations in                       

8O-002  incompressible to compressible regimes & parallel processing

                        Aslan N.


1220 - 1240          Information from the shapes of spectral lines

8O-003  Mijovic S., M.Vuceljic


1240 - 1300          Microparticle trapping in multipolar electromagnetic traps

8O-004  Stoican O., B.Mihalcea


Afternoon Programme



1500 - 1520          Pressure dependence of the ion flux in an asymmetric capacitively

8O-005  coupled RF discharge in NF3

                                                Mateev E., I.Zhelyazkov


1520 - 1540          Non-linear analyses of temporal patterns generated by self-                      

8O-006  organised structures formed in plasma

                        Borcia A., E.Lozneanu, M.Sanduloviciu


1540 - 1600          About the connection between the negative resistance behaviour   

8O-007  and the selforganization process in plasma

                        Talasman S., M.Ignat


1600 - 1620          Non-linear self-oscillations in microhollow cathode discharges

8O-008  Biborosch L., U.Ernst, K.Frank


1620 - 1640          Ion space charge instability in an electrostatic analyser

8O-009  Agheorghiesei C., G.Popa, R.Schrittwieser


1640 - 1710          COFFEE   BREAK


1710 - 1730          Frequency control of anodic oscillations

8O-010  Pohoata V., P.Balan, G.Popa, R.Schrittwieser, C.Avram


1730 - 1750          Plan probe characteristic in the presence of secondary electron

8O-011  emission

                        Teodoru S., G.Popa


1750 - 1810          A very low power RF capacitively coupled plasma with multiple     

8O-012  applications in atomic spectroscopy

                        Anghel S., A.Simon, T.Frentiu, M.Todica


1810 - 1830          Ion energy distribution in a capacitively RF discharge

8O-013  Rusu I., G.Popa, J.Sullivan


1830 - 1850          Analysis of breakdown probability using time delay method

8O-014  Karamarkovic J., G.Ristic, M.Pejovic




Hall E                              ATOMIC AND MOLECULAR PHYSICS

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.

Morning Programme



900 - 920  Asymptotic approach to the processes of two electron capture at  

4O-001  slows ion-atom collisions

                        Lazur V., M.Karbovanets, M.Khoma


920 - 940  Coherent observation of molecular dynamics by interference noise

4O-002  Genchev Z.


940 - 1000            Intermolecular potentials and thermophysical properties of large    

4O-003  globular molecules

                        Zarkova L., Hohm U., P.Pirgov


1000 - 1020          Quantum chemical calculations and structure-odor relationships   

4O-004  investigation for some odorant compounds

                        Golcuk K., M.Kumru, A.Dimoglo


1020 - 1040          Quantum mechanical and conformational studies of a series of

4O-005  thio-semicarbazone and thiosemicarbazide derivatives on their


                        Altun A., M.Kumru, A.Dimoglo


1040 - 1110          COFFEE   BREAK


1110 - 1130          Electronic aspects of mutagenic activity of some organic              

4O-006  compounds

                        Koseoglu Y., M.Kumru, A.Dimoglo


1130 - 1150          Metal nanoclusters on a bacterial surface layer

4O-007  Selenska-Pobell S.


1150 - 1210          Topographies and dynamics of multidimensional potential surfaces

4O-008  of molecular clusters

                        Proykova A.


1210 - 1230          The fragmentation simulation of Ni6 cluster

4O-009  Guven M.


1230 - 1250          Raman and SERS studies of some drugs

4O-010  Iliescu T.


1250 - 1310          Nuclear electrics field gradient and mean square displacement     

4O-011  tensors of the iron sites in guanidinium nitroprusside

                        Rusanov V., S.Stancov, V.Angelov


Afternoon Programe





1500 - 1540          Ozone changes and their radiative effect on climate

                        Bojkov R.




1540 - 1600          On the study of dynamical and thermodynamical processes                     

11O-001            associated with a heat wave event over the Balkan area

                        Brikas D., P.Pennas, T.Karacostas


1600 - 1620          Methodology of investigating certain characteristics of streams in 11O-002 cumulonimbus by means of special flares

                        Dinevich L., S.Shalaveus


1620 - 1640          Synoptic flow types associated with hailstorm activity in Northern

11O-003            Greece

                        Sioutas M., H.Flocas


1640 -1710           COFFEE   BREAK


1710 - 1730          On the studyof dynamical and thermodynamical processes          

11O-004            associated with a warm episode over the Balkan area

                        Brikas D., P.Pennas, Karacostas T.


1730 - 1750          Local correlations in cloud base height records studied with the

11O-005            detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA) method

                        Gospodinova N., K.Ivanova, M.Michalev, E.Clothiaux


1750 - 1810          Soil porosity distributions and the underground water transport      

11O-006            characteristics

                        Diaconu D.




Hall E                                       ENVIRONMENTAL PHYSICS

Thursday, 24.08.2000.

Morning Programme



900 - 940  Solar erythemal radiation: its variability in different environments

                        Zerefos C.




940 - 1000            Study of the pollution exchange between Bulgaria and Northern    

12O-001            Greece

                        Zerefos C., D.Syrakov, K.Ganev, A.Vasaras, K.Kourtidis,

                        M.Tzortziou, M.Prodanova, R.Dimitrova, E.Georgieva,                                                D.Yordanov, N.Miloshev


1000 - 1020          On the interaction between climate and energy systems

12O-002            Iotova A.


1020 - 1040          Wavelet transformation modeling tree ring dynamics

12O-003            Creanga I., J.Sprot, I.Bara


1040 - 1110          COFFEE   BREAK


1110 - 1130          Determination of elemental concentrations in atmospheric aerosol

12O-004            in Tirana by EDXRF spectrometry

                        Civici N.


1130 - 1150          Some results of the investigations of the urban end bioclimate in   

12O-005            Sofia

                        Tzenkova A., J.Ivancheva


1150 - 1210                    Atmospheric ozone and solar radiation monitoring at Athens,

12O-006            Greece

                        Varotsos C.


1210 - 1230          Numerical simulation of suspension sedimentation process using

12O-007            DSMC method

                        Toshev E., B.Hristov


1230 - 1250          A nuclear accident consequences assessment for Cherna Voda -

12O-008            NPP

                        Margeanu S., T.Angelescu


1250 - 1310          Application of dispersion models for environmental impact                        

12O-009            assessment of the NPP “Kozlodui”

                        Ivancheva J., A.Tzencova, D.Syrakov


Afternoon Programme



1500 - 1520                    Distribution of Cs-137 in agricultural soil samples of Buyuk

12O-010            Menderes basin

                        Yaprak G., M.Aslani, P.Aytap, S.Akyil, M.Eral, G.Yener


1520 - 1540          Environmental isotopes on the Prespa - Ohrid lakes system

12O-011            Zoto J., R.Eftimi, S.Amataj, P.Goshi


1540 - 1600          Laboratory experiments on radionuclides partition between solid

12O-012            and liquid phases

                        Toma A., C.Dulama, M.Pavelescu


1600 - 1620          Po-210 activity concentrations in mussels at Aegean Turkish coast

12O-013            Sekkin F., A.Tanbay, G.Yener


1620 - 1640          Exposures from natural radiation background in Romania

12O-014            Iacob O., E.Botezatu


1640 - 1710          COFFEE BREAK


1710 - 1730          Assessment of absorbed dose in air received by people living in    

12O-015            Izmir due to the terrestrial radiation

                        Gur F., M.Kumru


1730 - 1750          Heavy metal atmospheric deposition in the Rodopi mountains

12O-016            (South Bulgaria)

                        Kirova R., A.Antonov, M.Frontasyeva, M.Mitrikov, L.Strelkova


1750 - 1810          The determination of low level Pb-210 in cigarette-tobacco

12O-017            Yaprak G., N.Cam


1810 - 1830          Low level alpha activity measurements in tobacco by SSNTD

12O-018            Yaprak G., N.Cam


1830 - 1850          Measurement of electromagnetic field in near and far zones -

12O-019            evaluation of the measuring equipment

                        Israel M., P.Tchobanov


1850 - 1910       Glass conversion of lead-rich solid industrial wastes

12O - 020          Kaimakamis G., P.Kavouras, T.Ioannidis, T.Kehagias,                                                E.Pavlidou, P.Komninou, S.Kokkou, I.Antonopoulos,                                     M.Sofoniou, A.Zouboulis, C.Hadjiantoniou, A.Prakouras,





Hall F                                          BIOLOGICAL PHYSICS

Wednesday, 23.08.2000.

Morning Programme



900 - 940  Liquid crystallinity of biomembranes: a key to their structure and


                        Petrov A.


940 - 1020           

                        Photinos D.




1020 - 1040          A biosensor on thin-film modificated piezoelectric band filter

16O-001            Nedev K., A.Yankova, G.Alexieva, L.Spasov, L.Vergov


1040 - 1110          COFFEE   BREAK


1110 - 1130          Peculiarities of free radical reactions in the mechanical destructed            

16O-002            fibriliar proteins

                        Mamedov S., M.Canturk, O.Gasymov, E.Alcan, S.Mehtiyeva,                          R.Bayramova


1130 - 1150          Computer models for the simple biological membranes

16O-003            Ghelmez M., M.Honciuc, B.Dumitru, R.Trascu


1150 - 1210          Properties of some polyurethanes containing active biological       

16O-004            segments

                        Diaconu I., F.Topoliceanu, T.Buruiana, E.Buruiana


1210 - 1230          Mineral elements in composites for restorative dentistry. I. Fast    

16O-005            analysis by XRF

                        Preoteasa E.A., B.Constantinescu, E.Preoteasa


Afternoon Programme






1500 - 1520          S diffusion in pollycristalline thin film CdS/CdTe solar cells

13O-001            Aslan M., R.Collins


1520 - 1540          Usage of small power renewable alternative energy sources in      

13O-002            residential buildings

                        Kocic Z., M.Antic, J.Stojanovic


1540 - 1600          A solar pond model with insulated and glass covered surface

13O-003            Ozek N., M.Karakilcik, N.Bezir


1600 - 1620          Solar energy: from the peripheral promission to the major

13O-004            energetical option

                        Ruxanda G., A.Tudose, A.Baciu


1620 - 1640          A physicochemical approach in solar photocatalytic technology    

13O-005            for waters purification

                        Stefchev P., P.Vitanov, M.Machkova, L.Dimitrov,                                                        V.Kozhukharov, V.Blaskov, K. Kabasanov


1640 - 1710          COFFEE   BREAK


1710 - 1730          Criation of PV solar complexes in Bulgaria

13O-006            Stoev M., A.Amova, A.Katerski


1730 - 1750          Testing stand for water solar collectors

13O-007            Stoyanova M., R.Kirilov


1750 - 1810          Validation of autonomous wind energy solution for remote             

13O-008            consumers, including financial aspects

                        Tsesmelis M., J.Kaldellis


1810 - 1830          A combined system for heating and cooling by solar energy

13O-009            Vitanov P., Velkov D., Gueorgui K., Tiutiundjiev N.


1830 - 1850          The process of heat transfer in a solar-electrical conversion system

13O-010            Erel S., E.Arcaklioglu, G.Erel







Wednesday, 23.08.2000.           1700 - 1900

1P-001 Measurement of the 16O(g,n) reaction cross section at intermediate


              Akkurt I., J. Annand, J.Adler

1P-002 Coincidence measurements in atomic and nuclear physics

              Akkurt I., M.Dogan

1P-003 The g-g coincidence spectrometer PRIPJAT-2M

              Andruhovic S., A.Berestov, E.Rudak, N.Antovic, S.Dapcevic,                                      P.Vukotic

1P-005 Background conditions in experimental tasting of CPT-invariance in                           orthopositronium 3g-decay

             Antovic N., A.Berestov, S.Andruhovic, P.Vukotic,S. Dapchevic

1P-006 A study on electron-impact ionization cross section

             Cengiz A.

1P-007 Energy spectrum of b- particles transmitted through metal foils

             Cengiz A., O.Gurler, E.Almaz, A.Koray

1P-008 On random, low intensity neutron emission from Ti samples during high                    temperature - high pressure D loading

             Chicea D., D.Lupu

1P-009 Investigation of the magnetic field of the Microtron MT-25 electron

              accelerator at the Plovdiv University

             Cholakov V., B.Toskov, M.Mitrikov, G.Belev,V.Stamenov

1P-010 Void reactivity effect in a typical CANDU cell using CPs and a                                  multistratified coolant model

              Constantin M., V.Balaceanu

1P-011 High performance concrete for spent fuel interim storage facility

  designed for the CANDU fuel resulted from Cherna Voda NPP operation

             Deneanu N., M.Dulama

1P-012 Gamma irradiation tests of concrete material recommended for storage                     casks of spent nuclear fuel arising from Cerna Voda NPP

             Dulama M., N.Deneanu, C.Dulama, E.Baboescu

1P-013 Efficiency calibration of a gamma ray spectroscopy device for surface                       contamination determination

             Dulama C., A.Toma

1P-014 Experimental determination of efficiency curve of 184 cm3 HPGe

  detector for 80 keV-1500 keV range

              Epik O., G.Yener

1P-015 A comparative study of different systematics of neutron induced reaction                   cross-sections around 14,5 MeV neutron energy

              Fuga P., F.Premti

1P-016 A new experiment proposal for the collective exitations in nuclei

             Gouliev E., O.Yavas

1P-017 Spin-vibrational 1+ states in 140Ce

             Gouliev E., O.Yavas, A.Kuliev, H.Aygor

1P-018 Measurement of 92Mo(n,2n) 91Mo reaction cross sections for 13,6 – to

 14,9 MeV

             Gultekin E., M.Bostan, M.Erduran, M.Subasi

1P-019 Calculation of mass energy absorption coefficients and mass radiation                     absorption coefficients for aluminium and water mediums

             Gurler O., H.Oz, S. Yalcin

1P-020 Excitation of isomeric states in (n,g) reactions

              Hristov H., A.Mihov, N.Balabanov, M.Mitrikov, A.Antonov,                               S.Marinova

1P-021 Neutron dosimetry for metal embrittlement  determination of Kozloduy                       NPP reactor pressure vessels

             Ilieva K., S.Belousov, T.Apostolov

1P-022 Risk analysis and evaluation of normal operation systems of reactors                        WWER-1000

             Manchev B.

1P-023 The decays of K-mesons in framework of vector dominance model

             Sabov V., T.Danylo, A.Sabov, T.Sabo

1P-024 Spatial thermal neutron flux density changes outside the RB reactor                         vessel

             Stankovic S., M.Petrovic

1P-025 The measurement of the backscatter factors for photons of low energy

             Tomljenovic I., M. Ninkovic

1P-026 Isomeric ratios in odd N = 81 isotones

       Tsoneva N., C.Stoyanov, V. Ponomarev,Y.Gangrsky, N.Balabanov,                Tonchev A.

1P-027 Preequilibrium neutron emission in proton induced spallation reactions

             Tsoneva N., A.B.Larionov, C.Stoyanov, S.Marinova

1P-028 The study of energy spectrums of beta particles which penatrated                             through a certain material thickness with abundant group energy                            approuch

              Yalcin S., O.Gurler



Wednesday,  23.08.2000.          900 - 1100

2P-001 Development of transcendental theories of the theories and 6D time-                        space for cosmos and planets

             Andonov Z.

2P-002 Calibration of filters for cometary observations

              Bonev T., G.Borisov, A.Ivanova

2P-003 H2O+ in comet C/1999 J3 (LINEAR)

              Bonev T., K.Jockers, P.Korsun, N.Karpov, A.Sergeev

2P-004 Resonant interactions between kinetic Alfven waves and relativistic                           electrons

              Borcia R., M.Ignat, I.Borcia

2P-005 Photometry of the near nucleus dust distribution in comet C/1999 S4                        (LINEAR)

              Borisov G., A.Ivanova, T.Bonev

2P-006 An idea about the origin of QPO

              Dimitrova M.

2P-007 Narrow-band imaging of the wind-blown bubbles NGC 2359 and NGC                        7635

               Efremova B., V.Golev, T.Bonev

2P-008 Photometric parallaxes of B-type stars

              Georgiev V., N.Kaltcheva

2P-009 The region of Canis Major OB1

              Georgiev V., N.Kaltcheva, P.Kunchev

2P-010 Low-resolution long-slit CDD spectroscopy during the 1999 total solar                       eclipse

             Golev V., R.Kurtev, V.Dermendjiev, Z.Mouradian

2P-011 Mean CO+ velocity in Halley comet tail

             Guineva V., R.Werner, S.Staykova

2P-012 Distance to the galaxy NGC 6946

        Ivanov G.

2P-013 Preperihelion evolution of the CN coma in comet C/1999 S4 (LINEAR)

              Ivanova A., T.Bonev, G.Borisov

2P-014 Unusial variable in dwarf galaxy IC1613

              Kurtev R., L.Georgiev, W.Li, A.Filipenko, J.Borissova

2P-015 A generalisation of the Plummer-Schuster formula

        Ninkovic S.

2P-016 Morphology and evolution of a H-alpha eruptive prominence

              Okten A., V.Dermendjiev, N.Petrov, T.Ozysyk, H.Esenoglu

2P-017 Kinematics of a sample of visual double stars

              Olevic D., Z.Cvetkovic, M.Dacic

2P-018 UBVR CDD photometry of spiral galaxy NGC6946

              Pessev P., R.Kurtev

2P-019 Flattening and brightness distribution of 1999 eclipse corona

              Petrov N., V.Dermendjiev, A.Okten, M.Tzvetkov

2P-020 Correlations among the parameters determining the structure, stellar                        population, situation in galaxy and conditions of visibility of the                               investigated globular clusters

             Peykov Z.

2P-021 Hypotheses connected with the effect of systematic change of the spatial                 structure of the star clusters

             Peykov Z.

2P-022 Effect of systematical change of the spatial structure of some star                           clusters in dependence on the luminosity of their stars

             Peykov Z., Roussev R.

2P-023 Results of photometric observations of the national programme for

              research of the total solar eclipse on 11 August 1999

             Shopov Y., L.Tsankov, D.Stoykova, K.Burin, A.Stoev,                                                 D.Kokotanekov, J.Kokotanekova, A.Krumov, L.Vrigazov, I.Getsova,                     S.Belchev

2P-024 Photometric structure and microstructure of the solar corona in                                integrated light

             Stoev A., P.Muglova, Y.Shopov, N.Kiskinova, Y.Varbanova

2P-025 Photometry of the solar corona total brightness

              Stoev A., Y.Shopov, A.Nikolov, A.Tanev, P.Muglova

2P-026 Relations between relative intensities of spectral lines of galactic nuclei

  as a criteria for its physical status

             Tasheva R.

2P-027 Dust shells in the Halley comet coma

              Werner R.



Thursday, 24.08.2000.   900 - 1100

3P-001 Modeling and study of the Cherenkov effect

              Angelov L., E.Duverger, L.Manovicka, A.Mishev, J.Stamenov

3P-002 Measurements of the optical atmosphere emission variations at Stara                       Zagora station

             Kanev K., N.Petkov, A.Marinov, L.Bankov

3P-003 About the validity of the Einstein’s equivalence principle for the                                 electrodynamic phenomena

             Lukov S.

3P-004 Perspectives of investigations of planets and small bodies of the Solar                      system with application of new scienific hypothesis and modern                            developments in time-of-flight mass-spectrometry

              Managadze G., L.Simeonov

3P-005 Muon Cherenkov telescope

              Stamenov J., I.Angelov, I.Kalapov, E.Malamov,

3P-006 Interpretation of effects from Solar proton events on the ozone

              Tassev Y.

3P-007 Solar cosmic rays (SCR) influence on the ozone distribution in magneto-                  conjugated points

             Tassev Y., L.Mateev, P.Velinov

3P-008 Local-scale modeling of thundercloud electric current system in                                ionosphere-Eart region

             Tonev P.

3P-009 ELF/ULF fields generated in mesosphere/ionosphere after lightning at                       equatorial latitudies

             Tonev P.



Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                       1500 - 1700

4P-001 Structures and dynamics of Pd13 clusters

              Boyukata M., M.Karabacak, S.Ozcelik, Z.Guvenc, J.Jellinek

4P-002 Development of a triple coincidence spectrometer and its use in the

  study of electron scattering processes

              Dogan M., A.Crowe

4P-003 Parity unfavoured transitions from double excited states of helium

              Dogan M., A.Crowe

4P-004 Electron-electron correlation studies

              Dogan M., A.Crowe

4P-005 The temperature effect on cluster-molecule interaction: D2+Ni14

              Durmus P., S.Ozcelik, Z.Guvenc, J.Jellinek

4P-006 Two photon ionization of hydrogen by a coherent superposition of three                     harmonics

              Fifirig M., V.Florescu

4P-007 Molecular dynamics study on the structures and melting of Pd9 clusters

              Karabacak M., M.Boyukata, S.Ozcelik, Z.Guvenc, J.Jellinek

4P-008 Chaotic properties of Pd7 cluster

              Kurt E., M.Karabacak, Z.Guvenc

4P-009 Coulomb effects at the reaction of one-electron transfer at the frame of                      method distorted waves continues spectra

              Lazur V., L.Khalus

4P-010 Charge exchange in collisions of partially stripped ions with helium


              Mancev I.

4P-011 Applicability of generalised coupled two-level model in SF6-CH4 gas                          mixture: vibration to vibration relaxation

             Markushev D., J.Jovanovic-Kupera, M.Terzic

4P-012 Influence of laser fluence on multiphoton excitation processes in

different gas mixtures

              Markushev D., J.Jovanovic-Kupera, M.Terzic

4P-013 Ionization of Ridberg’s states of atoms by electrical field

              Nikolic M., A.Tancic

4P-014 Double differential cross sections for the ionisation-excitation of the

  helium atom

              Osvath Z., L.Nagy

4P-015 Structures and melting Cu13 clusters

              Ozcelik S., Z.Guvenc, J.Jellinek

4P-016 Dynamical phase coexistence in isolated nanosized clusters

              Proykova A., S.Pisov

4P-017 Energy dependence of the different atom states according to the range                     action of the fields

              Ruxanda G., N.Mosescu, A.Tudose, A.Popescu

4P-018 A photon absorption by slow electrons on rare atoms

              Tancic A., M.Nikolic

4P-019 Spectroscopic investigation of Cu(H3C-CO-CH2-CO-CH3)2 complex

              Agut C., C.Craciun, L.David, M.Rusu, V.Chis, O.Cozar

4P-020 ESR and ab initio investigation on electrochemical reduction of                                 dihydrazid-hydrazone (DHH)

              Chis V., V.Miclaus, L.David, G.Damian, O.Cozar, F.Mureshan

4P-021 FT-IR, UV-VIS and ESR investigation of three vanadium(IV) substituted                     Keggin polioxometalate

              Craciun C., L.David, D.Rusu, M.Rusu, O.Cozar, V.Chis

4P-022 FT-IR and ESR studies on some Co(II) complexes of theophylline

              David L., E.Forizs, I.Gergely, C.Craciun, I.Silaghi-Dumitrescu

4P-023 Some new molecular constants of CO+

              Guineva V., S.Staykova

4P-024 Scaled quantum force field for imidazole and imidazolate, and Raman                       intensity in the rare-earth complexes of imidazolate

              Ivanov V., F.Ragot

4P-025 Relations between the adjacency matrix and distance matrix of                                benzenoidal molecules

              Jashari G., A.Veseli

4P-026 Spectral study of some carbanion monosubstituted 1,3,4-triazolium                          methylides

              Melniciuc-Puica N., V.Barboiu, S.Filoti, D.Dorohoi

4P-027 The effect of the substituents concerning the position and the intensity of      the electronic spectra of some aromatic hydrocarbons

              Mosescu N.

4P-028 Excess volumes of 1-propanol and 2-propanol with aromatic                      

              hydrocarbons at 298,15 K

              Silay I.

4P-029 Rotational energy transfer in gas mixtures

              Terzic M., J.Jovanovic-Kurepa, D.Markushev

4P-030 Preliminary analyse of water state molecules in some polymeric                               membranes

              Todica M., S.Simon, I.Burda, S.Anghel, A.Buda

4P-031 Spectroscopic studies of  one sandwich-type polyoxometalate with three                  cerium(III) ions

               Tomsa A., L.David, C.Craciun, M.Rusu, T.Budiu, C.Ratiu

4P-032 From molecule-molecule interactions to cost-effective technologies and                     devices

              Zarkova L., P.Pirgov, I.Petkov, L.Fokin, V.Popov, A.Kalashnikov



Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                       1700 - 1900

5P-001 A mathematical model for the lateral distribution function of the                                 atmospheric Cerenkov light in EAS

              Alexandrov L., M.Brankova, I.Kirov, S.Mavrodiev, A.Mishev,                                      J.Stamenov, S.Ushev

5P-002 Systematics of flow parameters at energies between SIS and SPS

              Backovic S., I.Picuric, D.Salihagic

5P-003 Ka / La and Kb / Lb intensity ratios of some lanthanides exited by

        59,54 keV photons

              Durak R., Y.Ozdemir, Y.Sahin

5P-004 Analysis of transverse momentum spectra in central C+C and C+Ta                         interactions at 4,2 AGeV/c beam momentum within a cylindrical                            collective flow model

              Picuric I., S.Backovic, , D.Salihagic, D.Krpic

5P-005 Angular distributions of relativistic ions channeled in a bent crystal

              Stojanov N., S.Petrovic, M.Mijatovic, N.Neskovic



Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                       1100 - 1300

6P-001 Magnetic properties of Ni77Mn23 films with various thickness

              Aktas B., M.Ozdemir, Y.Oner

6P-002 Factors affecting the properties of electrodeposited superlattices

        Alper M.

6P-003 Characterization of interface states at Al / P-Si Schottky barrier type                        diodes

              Altindal S., I.Dokme, A.Tataroglu, K.Colakoglu

6P-004 Electric and dielectric parameters of  PVC- BaTiO3 composite

              Andonovski A., S.Rendevski, S.Prendzov

6P-005 Electronic structure of type III AlAs/GaAs superlattices

              Angelov A., N.Shtinkov, S.Vlaev, V.Donchev

6P-006 Hopping conductivity in Ge1-xAgx/2Bix/2Te solid solution

              Avramova I., S.Plachkova

6P-007 The recombination kinetics and lifetime distribution for CdS epitaxial                          layers

               Burda I., S.Simon, S.Anghel, M.Todica, A.Simon, G.Cerbanic

6P-008 A theoretical study of chlorine adsorption on the Si/Ge(001)-(2x1) surface

              Cakmak M., Y.Ciftci, K.Colakoglu, P.Srivastava

6P-009 Kinetics of the a-b phase transition of HgI2 investigated by differential                       scanning calorimetry

             Daviti M., S.Toubektsis, K.Paraskevopoulos, E.Polychroniadis

6P-010 About the NH4H2PO4 single - crystals growth and spectral properties

        Dolha D.

6P-011 Optical and electronic properties of GaAs quantum wells embedded in                      AlAs/GaAs superlattices

              Donchev V., N.Shtinkov, K.Germanova, Tzv.Ivanov

6P-012 Laser-stimulated changes of electrical and photoelectrical properties of                    CdS thin films and Cu-CdS structures

             Dzhafarov T., M.Altunbas, A.Kopya, V.Novruzov, E.Bacaksiz

6P-013 Fractal properties of metal structures grown in quartz crystals by                              electrodiffusion

             Enculescu I., B.Iliescu, I.Pera

6P-014 Comparative study of the sodium and silver structures obtained inside the     quartz crystal

             Enculescu I., B.Iliescu, I.Pera

6P-015 Chalcopyritic compounds

             Gaburici D., M.Lazarescu, A.Manea, B.Logofatu, M.Logofatu

6P-016 Electron-irradiated LOC structure AlGaAs/GaAs laser diodes

       Ghita R.

6P-017 The influence of the electrical current flow sense on the electrical                              properties of oxidized indium thin films

             Girtan M., G.I.Rusu, G.G.Rusu

6P-018 Semiconductor materials for room temperature X- and gamma ray

              detectors: Hg(BrxI1-x)2

                          Gospodinov M., L.Yankova, D.Petrova, E.Polychroniadis,                                A.Anagnostopoulos, K.Paraskevopoulos, M.Daviti

6P-019 Growth and properties of (SnS2)x-(SnSe2)1-x mixed crystals

Gospodinov M., V.Marinova, E.Polychroniadis, D.Papadopoulos,                 J.Spyridelis, K.Kampas, K.Kyritsi

6P-020 The SnS2-SnSe2 system: growth and morphology

              Gospodinov M., V.Marinova, I.Yanchev, A.Anagnostopoulos,             


6P-021 The electrical resistivity of polycristalline Cr/Au and Cr/Ag double-                            layered thins films

              Goz M.

6P-022 Non-conventional growth and structural characterisation of single                              crystalline a-Al2O3

                          Grigorescu C., C.Logofatu, I.Licea

6P-023 Physical characterisation of some semiconductor clusters encapsulated                   in zeolites

              Iacomi F.

6P-024 Galvanomagnetic effects of Bi:2212 doped with Gd and Zn epitaxial thin                    films

              Ilonca G., A.Pop, T.Jurcut, M.Ilonca, I.Tulai, E.Mococean

6P-025 Dark ionic conductivity of Ag2S thin films

              Karashanova D., N.Starbov

6P-026 Structural analysis of extended defects in GaN films epitaxially grown on

              (0001) sapphire by MBE

              Kioseoglou J., E.Sarigiannidou, Ph.Komninou, G.Dimitrakopulos,                 G.Nouet, P.Ruterana, A.Georgakilas, Th.Karakostas

6P-027 Porous silicon: electrical properties

              Kayahan E.,  F.Haciyev, T.Canel, O.Gundogdu, Y.Bektore

6P-028 On the electrical characteristics of polycrystalline Bi2O3 thin films

              Leontie L., G.I.Rusu, M.Caraman, G.G.Rusu

6P-029 Surface laser microstructuring of Me/ZrO2 bilayered system

              Levichkova M., E.Krumov, M.Radoeva, B.Mednikarov, N.Starbov

6P-030 Effect of the dn configuration of central ion on electronic spectra in some                   crystalline complexes

              Lukic S., A.Petrovic, S.Skuban, Z.Markovic, S.Trifunovic, V.Leovac

6P-031 Direct determination of thermal diffusivity of thin solid films

              Mankov V., E.Krumov, N.Starbov

6P-032 Shallow-donor states in GaAs-Ga1-xAlxAs multiple quantum wells: a                           fractional-dimensional space approuch

              Matos-Abiague A., Dios-Leyva, L.Oliveira

6P-033 Structure and optical properties of heat-treated titanium oxide thin films

              Mardare D., M.Delibas, G.I.Rusu

6P-034 Transport properties of Hg(BrxI1-x)2 crystalls

              Marinova V., I.Yanchev, A.Anagnostopoulos, M.Daviti

6P-035 Magnetic interactions in Hg1-xMnxTe1-ySey

              Milivojevic D., B.Babic Stojic, M.Stojic, V.Kulbachinskii,                                P.Maryanchuk, I.Churilov

6P-036 The model for resistivity of polycristalline silicon films which include both

              of grain and grain boundary trapping states

              Mitic D., D.Petkovic

6P-037 Studies of the grain size in CdS polycrystalline films on CdS:Cr2O3-x                          mixtures ceramic substrate

              Nazarenco I., O.Duliu

6P-038 X-ray absorbtion finestructure study of stoichiometric, non stoichiometric                   and amorphous a-Cr2O3

                          Oprea C.

6P-039 Profiling of stress and plasma induced positive oxide charge in thin SiO2

              Paskaleva A., E.Atanasova

6P-040 The irreversible resistance transition in polycrystalline silicon films


              Petkovic D.

6P-041 Excimer laser modification of  ZrO2/Al2O3 bilayered thin films

              Popov D., N.Starbov, B.Mednikarov, K.Starbova, K.Kolev, L.Laude

6P-042 Electrochromic properties of chemically deposited NiOx films

              Ristova M., J.Velevska, M.Ristov

6P-043 Impurity induced scattering in boron-doped PbTe

        Romcevic N., P.Nikolic, K.Radulovic, D.Vasiljevic-Radovic,                           S.Vujatovic

6P-044 Far-infrared study of DX-like centers in Pb0.95Mn0.05Te(Ga)

              Romcevic M., N.Romcevic, D.Khokhlov

6P-045 Optical phonons in Hg1-xMnxTe1-ySey mixed crystals

        Romcevic M., N.Romcevic, V.Kulbachinskii, P.Maryanchuk,                                        I.Churilov

6P-046 Structure-properties relationship in PVD Te thin films

              Rusu M.

6P-047 Influence of the deposition chambre geometry on the structural                                 characteristics of the CdTe thin films deposited by quasi-closed volume                   technique

              Rusu G.G.

6P-048 NIR optical properties of evaporated CdTe thin film

              Rusu G.G., I.Caraman, M.Rusu

6P-049 A comparative study of interface state density in anodic and thermal                         MOS structures

             Saglam M., E.Ayyildiz, A.Turut

6P-050 Equidistant electronic states in diffused AlGaAs/GaAs quantum wells

              Saraydarov M., N.Shtinkov, V.Donchev, S.Vlaev

6P-051 Thermally stimulated depolarization currents in polyethers with liquid                        properties

              Scutaru V., G.Strat, M.Strat, I.Grecu, D.Condurachi, S.Gurlui

6P-052 Characterisation of hydrogenated amorphous silicon - carbon alloys                          grown in PECVD at different deposition conditions

              Serin M.

6P-053 The dependance of the steady state photoconductivity on the intensity of

              illumination for hydrogenated amorphous silicon films

              Serin M.

6P-054 Interdiffusion-induced direct to indirect transition in AlAs/GaAs                                 superlattices

              Shtinkov N., S.Vlaev, V.Donchev

6P-055 Dependence of dielectric constant on frequency, temperature and

              thickness in MOS capacitors

              Tataroglu A., S.Altindal, K.Colakoglu, I.Dokme

6P-056 Electrical characterisation of a novel hot electron light emitter

              Teke A., S.Gokden

6P-057 The parametrization of Woodcock potencial using Hildebrand                                   approximation and calculation of cohesive energies of NaCl-structure                       alkali halides

              Yazar H., K.Colakoglu


Thursday, 24.08.2000.   1100 - 1300

6P-058 Thermal and physical properties of glass-ceramic Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+y               superconducting rods

              Aksan M., M.Yakyncy, Y.Balcy

6P-059 Investigations of the crystal distortions in perovskites using Raman                           spectroscopy

              Abrashev M., V.Ivanov, M.Iliev

6P-060 Superconductors ceramic powders for composite electrical conductors of      electrotechnical engeneering

              Alecu G.

6P-061 DTA investigations of B(Pb)SCCO powder dopped with diffferent type of                     silver doppants

              Dimitrov D., G.Kallias, P.Simeonova, E.Moraitakis, V.Lovchinov,                   D.Niarchos

6P-062 Transport properties of epitaxial La2-xBaxCuOy thin films

              Ilonca G., A.Pop, T.Jurcut, C.Lung, G.Stiufiuc, R.Stiufiuc, R.Deltour

6P-063 Structural and transport properties of (BiPb)2(SrBa)2(Ca1-xREx)Cu3Oy bulk        superconductors

              Ilonca G., A.Pop, M.Ilonca, E.Mococean, G.Stiufiuc, I.Matei, T.Jurcut

6P-064 Hall effect, electrical resistivity and AC susceptibility of                                            (Bi1.6Pb0.4)Sr2Ca2(Cu1-xCox)3 superconductors

              Ilonca G., A.Pop, T.Jurcut, C.Lung, I.Tulai, I.Matei, R.Stuifiuc,                                   G.Stiufiuk, N.Dulamita

6P-065 Magnetic properties of Dy-substituted YBCO ceramics

              Koutzarova T., S.Miteva, M.Nogues, I.Nedkov

6P-066 Attempt of identification of superconducting phase (102 K) in

        CdBa2Ca-n-1CunOx samples

              Mariychuk R., P.Popovich, V.Bunda, S.Meszaros, E.Semrad

6P-067 The synthesis and characterization of BSCCO systems

              Micevski V., V.Lovchinov, Z.Milosavlevski, S.Stoimenov

6P-068 The influence on the resintering temperature of Ag dopped YBCO

              materials with various silver content

              Milosavlevski Z., V.Micevski, V.Lovchinov, S.Stoimenov

6P-069 Effects of magnetic history on AC magnetic susceptibility of YBCO thin                    films

              Nazarova E., A.Zahariev, J.Georgiev

6P-070 The influence of atomic substitution on the intergrain vortex pinning of                       bulk (Bi,Pb)(Sr,Ba): superconductors

              Pop A., G.Ilonca, C.Lung, G.Stiufiuc, R.Deltour

6P-071 Thermal stability of Cux[As2(S0.5Se0.5)3]1-x glasses

              Popovic Z., D.Petrovic, S.Lukic

6P-072 Fluctuation phenomena in excess conductivity of fluorinated YBa2Cu3O7-d


              Popovich P., R.Mariychuk, V.Bunda

6P-073 Some appearance of texture’s anisotropy in metalceramic materials                         formed by coppers matrix

              Prifti I.

6P-074 Charge carriers energy spectra in anisotropic and bounded structures

              Setrajcic J., B.Taskic, S.Stojkovic, D.Mirjanic

6P-075 Depth distribution of elements in high-temperature superconducting Ag                     sheathed tapes

             Stoyanova - Ivanova A., V.Mihailov, V.Gencheva, G.Mihova

6P-076 Influence of pelletization pressure on magnetic and electrical properties

  of Bi(Pb)SrCaCuO superconductors

             Tepe M., D.Abukay

6P-077 The O-M-O triatomic molecule: basic unit of cuprates & manganates

              Tsintsarska S., M.Ivanovich, M.Georgiev

6P-078  Impedance analysis of polymer dispersed liquid crystal films

              Bena R., D.Manaila-Maximean, C.Rosu, E.Petrescu, A.-M.Albu

6P-079 Evaluation of dynamic interactions in nano-particulate systems

              Borcia I., L.Spinu, A.Stancu

6P-080 Some properties of the ionomeric polyetherurethanes with photochromic                   azobenzene groups

              Buruiana T., E.Buruiana, I.Diaconu

6P-081 Eu and Yb depth profile analysis in insulators

              Cetin A., N.Can

6P-082 Observation of second order transition temperatures of poly(phenyl                            sulfone) by gas chromatography

              Cankurtaran O., F.Yilmaz

6P-083 Determination of the latent heat of vaporization of some aliphaticand                         aromatic hidrocarbones and the solubility parameter of poly(dimethyl                       siloxane) by gas chromatography

              Cankurtaran O., F.Yilmaz

6P-084 Polyolefins/natural polymer blends

              Cazacu G., I.Diaconu, M.Mihaies, H.Darie, C.Vasile

6P-085 Crystal structure of 2,4 dimethoxybenzylidene-2-hydroxyaniline

              Dilek N., B.Gune, S.Ozbey, H.Demirelli

6P-086 Investigation of visco-elastic properties of alkaly cyanobiphenil homolog                     series of liquid crystals

              Epik H., E.Gunduz

6P-087 Dielectric relaxation processes of nematic liquid crystals

              Ginovska M., A.Andonovski

6P-088 The mesomorphic behavior of the stearic acid

              Honciuc M., E.Carbunescu, C.Popa, M.Ralea

6P-089 Influence of thermal neutrons on the stearic acid

              Honciuc M., E.Slavnicu, D.Slavnicu, M.Ghelmez (Dumitru)

6P-090 Stretched polymer dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystals films

        Manaila-Maximean D.

6P-091 Raman investigations of lead-vanadate glasses

              Maniu D., T.Iliescu, I.Ardelean, C.Dem

6P-092 Phase transitions of poly(heptamethylene-P,P’-bi-benzoate) studied by                     synchrotron X-ray scattering. I. WAXS.

              Todorova G., E.Perez, J.Perena, M.Kresteva, M.Mihaylova,                           S.Ivanov

6P-093 Phase transitions of poly(heptamethylene-P,P’-bi-benzoate) studied by                     synchrotron X-ray scattering. II. SAXS.

              Todorova G., E.Perez, J.Perena, M.Kresteva, M.Mihaylova,                           S.Ivanov

6P-094 Effect of annealing on free-volume properties of poly(ethylene                                    terephthalate) studied by positron annihilation

              Misheva M., N.Djourelov, I.Seganov

6P-095 Measurements of density for nematic lyotropic system

              Moldovan R., M.Puica, T.Beica, S.Frunza, A.Serghei

6P-096 Study of the influence of chiral aditives onto molecular parameters of                         binary mixtures of cholesteric liquid crystals

             Obadovic D., M.Stancic, S.Jovanovic-Santa, A.Vajda, J.Petrovic,                    L.Bata

6P-097 Molecular structure of some 4-thiazolidinones derivatives

              Ozturk S., M.Akkurt, M.Aygun, N.Ocal, C.Yolacan

6P-098 Molecular structure of C13H18N4O2

              Ozturk S., S.Isik, M.Macit

6P-099 Molecular parameters of dextran in aqueous solutions

              Rendevski S., H.Spasevska, N.Andonovska

6P-100 Electrooptical investigations of the poly(ethylene oxide)-sodium                                dodecylsulfate interactions

             Spasevska H., S.Rendevski, N.Andonovska

6P-101 New routes in the synthesis of CuO-Cr2O3 oxides and their related


             Stoica L., A.Razvan, O.Micu, C.Plapcianu, G.Alexe

6P-102 The characterisation of Al2TiO5 compounds obtained from the liquid                           phase (DAF)

             Stoica L., C.Plapcianu, M.Toacsan, O.Micu, G.Alexe

6P-103 On the DC electrical transport in carbon implanted polymers modified by                   gamma irradiation

             Velichkova K., K.Krezhov, S.Balabanov, C.Angelov

6P-104 Electrostatic charge induced hazards and their estimation

             Vila F., F.Dara, F.Mandia

6P-105 Crystal and molecular structure of C22H19N3O2S

             Akkurt M., S.Ozturk, H.-K.Fun, Z.Onal, B.Altural

6P-106 Pottery of Serres: an archaeometrical approach

       Bozopoulos A.

6P-107 PZT material behavior at low power radiation

             Cilibon I., E.Iliescu, L.Amarandei

6P-108 Acoustic phonon emission by hot electrons in wurtzite gallium nitride                       epilayers

             Erol M.

6P-109 Electric field dependence of transport properties of electrons in wurtzite                    gallium nitride epilayers

             Erol M.

6P-110 Dielectric constant and dipole moment of HFC-143a

              Gurova A., Brito, C.Nieto de Castro, U.Mardolcar

6P-111 Effective charges and ionicity in molten salts

              Kavanoz H., M.Yilmaz, H.Gurbuz

6P-112 Diffusion coeficiente of the discrete mass distribution

              Maskovic L., A.Visekruna, D.Radlovic

6P-113 Thermodynamic properties of the system with heterogeneous masses

              Maskovic L., R.Maksimovic, B.Tosic

6P-114 Comparative study of metakaolinite addition influences on portland and                     white cement hidration; an 1H NMR study

             Miljkovic L., M.Fardis, G.Papavassiliou, F.Milia, E.Chaniotakis

6P-115 Effect of laser irradiation on PTFE corona charging electrets

              Mekishev G., T.Iovcheva, D.Vranchev, S.Nedev

6P-116 On the kinetics of diffusion in polycrystalline materials

              Paraschiv M., A.Paraschiv, V.Grecu

6P-117 Application of the unified compensation law in investigation a-relaxation

   in elastomers

              Polizov H., P.Kartalov

6P-118 Some aspects regarding the incremental dosing of great precision in the                   processes of sintering the basaltic materials by dozers gradually                                        actuated by motors

             Sandru L.

6P-119 FTIR analysis of paint materials used in Byzantine wall paintings

              Siapkas D., K.Paraskevopoulos, T.Zorba

6P-120 A new icosahedral carbon phase?

              Stavrev S., A.Petrova, J.Karadjov

6P-121 Numerical analysis of the magnetization and the Hall effect in thin films                     with unidirectional magnetic anisotropy

              Vatzkitchev L., M.Vatzkitcheva, J.Mucha

6P-122 Critical values in the field dependencies of magnetization in thin films

  with unidirectional magnetic anisotropy

              Vatzkitchev L., J.Mucha, M.Vatzkitcheva

6P-123 Numerical analysis of the magnetization processes and the Hall effect in                   the thin films with uniaxial magnetic anisotropy

              Vatzkitchev L., M.Vatzkitcheva

6P-124 Electrochromic properties of NiOx prepared by low vacuum evaporation

              Velevska J., M.Ristova

6P-125 Electrochromic nickel oxide thins films prepared by different techniques

              Velevska J., M.Ristova, M.Najdoski

6P-126 Static structure of 3:1 molten salts

              Yilmaz M., H.Kavanoz, H.Gurbuz

6P-127 The influence of sulfur on surface of zinc coating

              Vourlias G., G.Stergioudis, E.Polychroniadis

6P-128 Effect of particle size and microstructure on percolation concentration in                   Si3N4-TiN composites

              Zivkovic L., S.Boskovic, L.Vracar


Friday, 25.08.2000.       1100 - 1300

6P-129 Automatic measurement system of susceptibility

              Ayvacikli M., R.Ikiz, N.Can, H.Derin, Z.Kilisli, R.Kibar

6P-130 FMR study on thin films of NiFe allois

              Aktas B., R.Yilgin

6P-131 Improvement of magnetic properties, microstructure and stability of the                     low Nd content NdFeB magnets

             Alexandru S., W.Kappel, N.Stancu, M.Codescu, M.Mihaesku, I.Ivan

6P-132 Influence of the domain wall deformation on the coercivity of a thin                           magnetic film

             Antonov I., L.Vatskitchev

6P-133 The magnetic and reologic behaviour with temperature of some new                          ferrofluids

             Badescu R., D.Condurache, M.Ivanoiu

6P-134 Polimerical potential energies in a ferrofluid

              Badescu R., I.Grecu, D.Condurache

6P-135 Measurement of losses and initial permeability

              Caltun O., A.Stancu, P.Andrei

6P-136 Magnetoelastic sensors based on FeCuNbSiB amorphous ribbons

              Chiriac H., M.Neagu

6P-137 Annealing influence on nanocrystalline FeHfB ribbons

              Chiriac H., C.Hison

6P-138 Influence of the sample diameter on the switching process of                                    magnetostrictive as-cast FeSiB wires

             Chiriac H., F.Borza

6P-139 Magnetic and magnetoelastic characterization of Fe-based amorphous                     alloy/insulator sandwiches

             Chiriac H., M.Pletea

6P-140 Microstructure and magnetic properties of melt-spun intermetallics of                        Ce3(Fe,Cr)29 composition and Nd3Fe27.5Ti1.5 type structure

             Gjoka M., O.Kalogirou, D.Niarchos, N.Sheloudko, M.Mikhov

6P-141 Magnetization processes of Ni-Cu-Co ferrites in AC magnetic field.

  Fourier treatement

             Goev G., V.Masheva, L.Ilkov, D.Nihtianova, M.Mikhov

6P-142 Investigation of the localised flux density variation around the                                    circumference of the toroidal core

             Goktepe M.

6P-143 Influence of direct current on the hysteresis loops of Fe-based

  amorphous ribbons

              Kamer O., G.Birkok

6P-144 Hysteresis curves of Fe-rich amorphous wires with local deformations

              Kamer O.

6P-145 Magnetic anisotropy of evaporated films

        Kockar H.

6P-146 Effect of hydrogen absorbtion on the magnetic and magnetoelastic                           properties of nanocrystalline Fe73.5M1Nb3Si13.5B9 (M=Cu, Pt, Pd, Ag, Mn)                  alloys

              Kolat V., H.Turkdemir, S.Atalay, H.Adigusel, F.Atalay, P.Sovak

6P-147 Magnetoresistance and magnetization in single-crysstal lantanum               manganite La0.75Pb0.25MnO3

                           Lovchinov V., D.Dimitrov, M.Gospodinov

6P-148 Magnetic properties of Y2Co7B3-xSix compounds

              Mincic A., E.Burzo

6P-149 EPR investigation of non-stoichiometric Cr2O3 near Neel temperature

              Nazarenco I., M.Grecu, O.Duliu

6P-150 Behaviour of ferrocholesterics under magnetic fields

              Petrescu E., C.Motoc

6P-151 Surface effects for maghemite nanoparticles

              Prodan D., V.Cuncser, G.Filoti

6P-152 The g®a - Fe2O3 transform for nanoparticles of various surface states

        Prodan D.

6P-153 Densification of high frequency ferrites by additives

              Sachelarie L., N.Rezlescu, P.Popa

6P-154 Magnetic behaviour of YCo4-xMxB intermetallic compounds where M= Al                     or Cu

             Tetean R., E.Burzo, V.Pop

6P-155 Magnetic and electronic properties of Y3Co11B4-xSix compounds

              Vlaic P., E.Burzo, V.Pop

6P-156 Magnetic properties of Cr(III) and Fe(III) ions in hexaaqua-nitrate-                              trihydrates

             Vucinic M., M.Mitric, V.Kusigerski, A.Kapor

6P-157 Structure of Al1-xFex prepared as thin films

             Ylli F., J.Eymery, A.Michel

6P-158 Investigation of contact resistivity at interface of thermal element branch                    from (PbTe)1-xCrx solid solutions with Bi-Sn alloys

             Babur H., C.Abilov

6P-159 The influence of chromium content on the properties of

        Fe74-xCrxCu1Nb3Si13B9 alloy

              Bayri N., V.Kolat, S.Atalay, H.Adigusel, M.Goktepe, P.Sovak

6P-160 Investigation of the static properties in liquid V, Nb and Ta

              Cevizci C., M.Hekimoglu, M.Ocal, T.Armagan

6P-161 On microscopic changes produced in Ti slab samples by deuterium after

              reaching TiD1.93

                         Chicea D., E.Indrea

6P-162 Structural and magnetic investigation of mechanically alloyed                                   Fe78Co6Ni2.5Zr4.5B9 powders

             Chiriac H., A.Moga, M.Urse, C.Hison

6P-163 Domain wall propagation in Fe-rich glass covered amorphous wires used

              in sensing applications

             Chiriac H., E.Hristoforou, M.Neagu, I.Darie

6P-164 On the elastic properties of some metals

             Ciftci Y., K.Colakoglu, M.Cakmak

6P-165 The study of hydrogen diffusion in Zr-2.5%Nb in the plasma-metal    


             Ducu C., T.Meleg, B.Oprescu

6P-166 Investigation of domain structure of nanocrystalline

  Fe5.85Co72.15Mo2B15Si5 material

             Goktepe M., S.Atalay

6P-167 Bitter colloid observations of ferromagnetic domains in crystalline grain                     oriented 3 % Si-Fe materials

             Goktepe M.

6P-168 Young modulus surfaces and acoustic velocities in Dy, Mg, Zn and Cd                      single crystals

             Isci C., E.Mine Ilk

6P-169 Effect of the substrate bias on the structural defects in copper films

              Nancheva N., P.Docheva, N.Djourelov, M.Misheva

6P-170 Transformation behavior of a Ti Ni alloys

              Petkovski L., V.Lazarov

6P-171 The influence of Ni admixtures on the crystallization of Fe75Si9B16                              amorphous alloy

             Pinakidou F., K.Efthimiadis, S.Chadjivasiliou, G.Stergioudis,                                     E.Polychroniadis

6P-172 A new method for preparing SrFe12O19 ferrite powder

              Popa P., N.Rezlescu

6P-173 Dependence of the thin hard coatings characteristics on the substrate                      current density

              Popescu A., E.Grigore, A.Tudose, G.Ruxada

6P-174 Thermoelastic characterization of sintered TiNi materials

              Stoimenov S.

6P-175 Mecanizm and kinetics of surface oxidation of cold-rolled low carbon                         steel

              Surtchev M., I.Iordanova, Y.Georgiev

6P-176 X-ray and weight methods in application to surface oxidation of mild

  sheet steel

              Surtchev M., I.Iordanova

6P-177 Itinerant vibronic polarons: a merrifield approuch

              Brown D., K.Lindenberg, M.Georgiev, A.Andreev

6P-178 Analysis of dynamics matrixes for complex crystals AuCu3 type in the                      framework of the superspace symmetry

              Buletsa E., I.Nebola, A.Ivanyas

6P-179 Lattice dynamics of FCC and BCC strontium

              Colakoglu K., Y.Ciftci, M.Cakmak, S.Altindal, M.Kasap

6P-180 Inverse problem for liquid alloys

              Dalgic S., S.Dalgic, S.Kormaz

6P-181 A new kinetic equation for phase transformations of first order

              Dimitrov V., A.Gungor, M.Kumru, A.Avinc

6P-182 Phonon-polariton states in finite GaAs/GaAsP superlattices

              Gorea O., O.Tatarinskaya

6P-183 High-pressure high-temperature equations of state for solids from shock-                  wave data

             Gospodinov V.

6P-184 Phonon spectra in superlattices

              Ilic D., I.Junger, D.Sijacic, S.Jacimovski, J.Setrajcic

6P-185 Estimation of the energy threshold of a wide-angle Cerencov teleskope                      applying ice as a reflecting surface [the Mussala ice lake]

             Kirov I., E.Malamova, J.Stamenov, I.Angelov

6P-186 About the electronic absorption of sound in layered conductors

             Krstovska D.

6P-187 Variational calculation on the quantum wire in a magnetic field

        Niculescu E.

6P-188 Graphical simulation of the Lindhard function

        Paun V.

6P-189 T = 0 finite-size scaling for a quantum antiferromagnet

              Pisanova E., N.Tonchev, N.Ivanov

6P-190 Kinematical interaction effects in exciton-polariton solitons

              Primatarova M., K.Stoychev

6P-191 Soliton dynamics in molecular chains with long-range interaction

              Primatarova M., R.Kamburova

6P-192 Multisegmented spectra model for surface roughness simulated by                           molecular beam epitaxy

             Vulkova L., I.Atanasov, O.Yordanov



Tuesday, 22.08.2000.    1700 - 1900

7P-001 Phase characteristic changes of gaussian beam by transfer through                         complex GRIN-element

              Andreevska A.

7P-002 Spectroscopic properties and X-ray crystal structure of C16H17O2N

              Aygun M., N.Akku, K.Guven, M.Erol

7P-003 On the optical properties of CdSe films deposited by quasi-closed

  volume technique

              Baban C., G.G.Rusu, I.Niculaescu, G.I.Rusu

7P-004 Phase plane description of Nd:YAG laser spiking

              Babin V., M.Jurba, N.Baltateanu, S.Spanulescu, I.Gherghina

7P-005 Threshold concentration detection of HgI and PbI using intracavity laser                     spectroscopy technique

             Bahnev B., D.Slavov, E.Stoykova, G.Todorov, M.Nenchev

7P-006 Influence of the absorber on spectrophotometric measurements in turbid                   media

              Bradu A., E.Popovici, G.Singurel, J.Derouard

7P-007 Optical properties of some polyurethane cationomers with azoaromatic                     chromophores

              Buruiana E., T.Buruiana

7P-008 Laser excitation using electrical pulses generated by piezoelectric effect

        Cristescu C., A.Preda, E.Scarlat, I.Popescu, I.Toma

7P-009 Two complementary relations about the dynamically stable resonators

              Denchev O., N.Gorunski

7P-010 Modes of uniform-reflectivity mirrors unstable resonators containing                           saturable focused gain medium

             Denchev O., S.Kurtev, P.Petrov

7P-011 Optimum coherent-lidar-data-based retrieving of high-resolution Doppler                     velosity profiles

             Dreischuh T., L.Gurdev, D.Stoyanov

7P-012 Experimental studies of magneto-optical anisotropy of ferrofluids

             Fosa G., D.Dorohoi, G.Calugaru, V.Badescu

7P-013 CuBr mixture as a lasant for HC-exited Cu+ laser

             Grozeva M., P.Telbizov, N.Sabotinov

7P-014 The optical absorption edge for Tl0,995GaPr0,005Se2 and TlGaSe2

             Gurbulak B., A.Ates, S.Dogan, M.Yildirim, H.Efeoglu, S.Tuzemen

7P-015 Conformal transformations of chromatic aberrations

       Hristov B.

7P-016 Heat-transfer model and intensification of cooling for RF-exited He-Cd                       laser discharge

             Iliev I., S.Gocheva, N.Sabotinov

7P-017 Structure modification during laser treatment of hot rolled low carbon                         steel

             Iordanova I., V.Antonov, M.Surtchev, S.Gurkovsky

7P-018 Spectral dependencies of the surface photo-charge effect at metals

             Ivanov O., V.Mihailov, R.Djulgerova

7P-019 Fraunhofer diffraction by two-dimensional net of sinusoidal apertures

             Janicijevic L., Z.Mitreska, B.Veljanoski

7P-020 Diffractional investigation of Vicsek-1 fractal

             Janicijevic L., Z.Mitreska, A.Kanevce

7P-021 Diffraction characteristics of an aperture with cosine pearl form

             Janicijevic L., S.Topuzoski, M.Jonoska

7P-022 Thermal effects in LiF:F2- Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers

             Jurba M., N.Baltateanu, S.Spanulescu, I.Gherghina, E.Popescu

7P-023 Ellipsometry as a tool for studing a platinum silicide-Si(p) Schottki


              Karmakov I., D.Tonova, A.Konova

7P-024 A rheo-optical approach for determination of the rheological                                      characteristics of suspensions

              Kavardjikov V., D.Pashkouleva, I.Nikolov

7P-025 Optical characterisation of a-Al2O3 grown by non-conventional technique

              Logofatu C., I.Licea, C.Grigorescu

7P-026 Electro-optical response of polarised PDLC films

              Manaila-Maximean D., R.Bena, C.Rosu

7P-027 Kerr-type nonlinear planar optical waveguides as directional couplers

              Marinov K., D.Pushkarov, A.Shivarova

7P-028 On the “catastrophical” collapse of optical beams in bulk Kerr-type                           nonlinear media

              Marinov K., D.Pushkarov, A.Shivarova

7P-029 Passive hydrogen maser with unmodulated interrogation signal

              Mirica C., L.Giurgiu, O.Gheorghiu

7P-030 Calculation of electronic states in a triangular quantum well laser

        Niculescu E.

7P-031 Magnetic helical radial sinusoidal modulated undulator

              Niculescu V., V.Babin, M.Dan

7P-032 Optical lens assembly for imaging spectrometry

              Nikolov I., A.Krumov, Z.Zaharieva

7P-033 Femtosecond experimental and computer aided investigation of a                             Nd:YAG crystal

              Ninulescu V., M.Ghelmez (Dumitru), A.Sterian, J.Zhou

7P-034 Utilization of pulsed DL to lidar remote sensing

              Penchev S., V.Pencheva, V.Naboko, S.Naboko, O.Parvanov,                                     S.Tsoev

7P-035 Multilayer antireflection coating design for optical elements in the near

  IR spectral region

              Pencheva T., M.Nenkov, J.Michev

7P-036 Laser system for electrotechnical material processing

              Petrescu C., M.Motataianu, G.Stefanescu, Cr.Petrescu

7P-037 Laser photodetachment measurements of the negative ions density in an      oxygen currentless plasma

              Popov Tsv., S.Gateva

7P-038 An automated displacement measurement system

              Postolache O., C.Petrescu

7P-039 Equipment for investigation of semiconductors materials

              Sarydarov M., G.Minchev, L.Trendafilov, M.Dencheva-Zarkova

7P-040 The optical properties of KTiOPO4 derivatives

              Stoos N., V.Lisnyak, N.Slobodyanik

7P-041 Optic and spectral properties of some copolymers with liquid crystal                         properties

              Strat G., I.Grecu, M.Strat, S.Gurlui

7P-042 Measurement of some material characteristics of optical glasses by                         means of double-exposure holographic interferometry

              Sultanova N.

7P-043 Optical plastics applications in new technologies

              Sultanova N., I.Nikolov, Ch.Ivanov

7P-044 Laser induced galvanic signals in a SeII hollow cathode discharge

        Todorov G., N.Sabotinov, P.Telbizov, Z.Yordanova, V.Ruseva,                       V.Arsov

7P-045 Spectrophotopolarimeter

              Todorov T., L.Nikolova, B.Hristov, G.Stoilov, T.Petrova,                                  L.Nedelchev

7P-046 The necessity for using oscillating systems for sampling optoelectronic                     signals

              Toma C.

7P-047 Depth profiling of gradient refractive index structures by optical methods

              Tonova D., A.Konova

7P-048 Nanosecond pulsed longitudinal discharge-excited copper ion laser

              Vuchkov N., K.Temelkov, P.Zahariev, N.Sabotinov

7p-049 Dependence of azimuth of elliptic polarization from the incident angle and                  from the thickness of plates after the passage of light trough two uniaxial                  crystal plates

              Bejtullahu R., Moser J., Ajazaj H., Tahirsylaj S., Kamishi B.



Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                       900 - 1100

8P-001 Axial distributions of charged particles and excited atoms in an argon                       microwave discharge sustained by a dipolar electromagnetic wave

             Achanova A., Z.Neichev, T.Petrova, I.Zhelyazkov

8P-002 Electrical modelling of RF plasma used as spectral sources in atomic                       emission spectroscopy

              Anghel S., A.Simon, T.Frentiu, I.Burda

8P-003 Shear flow stabilization of plasma discharges

              Bayramoglu A.

8P-004 Two dimensional supersonic-subsonic MHD flows

              Balci S., N.Aslan

8P-005 New electron gun for plasma processing

              Biloiu C., M.Bazavan, I.Biloiu, G.Stanescu, V.Pop

8P-006 Experimental evidence of similarities between self-organized structures                     formed in D.C. and H.F. plasma

              Borcia C., M.Sanduloviciu

8P-007 Physical basis of anomalous transport observed in plasma devices

              Borcia C., E.Lozneanu, M.Sanduloviciu

8P-008 Biologically active species immobilised on PVC surfaces treated by a                       dielectric barrier discharge

              Borcia G., N.Dumitrascu, G.Popa

8P-009 Departure from thermal equilibrium in the contraction region of high-                         pressure Hg arcs

              Cristea M.

8P-010 Modeling of a system of two electrical discharges as coupled Van der

  Pol oscillators

               Cristescu C., C.Stan, D.Alexandroaei

8P-011 A project for large-scale Stark broadening data production: Ca IX and Ca

             X spectral lines

              Dimitrijevic M., Sahal-Brechot S.

8P-012 Kinetic theory QPESIC waves in plasmas with different positive and                          negative ions

             Gajic D., B.Milic, N.Novakovic

8P-013 Influence of compliance for second harmonic generation on

             electromagnetic wave polarisation

             Jovanovic B.

8P-014 Radiophysics-method diagnostics of guided-wave produced plasmas

              Makasheva K., A.Shivarova

8P-015 High-frequency gas-discharge plasma production in the wave fields of                        propagating surface waves

              Makasheva K., A.Shivarova

8P-016 Compressibility and colision effects on thermal overstability of a partially                   ionized plasma with finite Larmour radius

              Marcu A., S.Codreanu, M.Vasiu

8P-017 The thermosolutial overstability of a composite rotating plasma with finite

              Larmour radius

              Marcu A., S.Cordeanu, M.Vasiu

8P-018 Some transport coefficients in argon plasma with fluorine as additive

              Novakovic N., B.Milic, S.Stojikovic, D.Gajic

8P-019 Spectral investigations into the stationary double layers

              Oprescu B., M.Sanduloviciu, C.Ducu

8P-020 Modeling of surface-wave sustained argon plasma column at                                    atmospheric pressure

              Pencheva M., Tsv.Petrova, E.Benova

8P-021 Superelastic collisions between electrons and negative ions in an

  oxygen currentless plasma

              Popov Tsv., M.Dimitrova

8P-022 Experimental determination of the Stark parameters of CuI spectral lines                   using capillary discharge

              Sandolache G., J-M.Bauchire, F.Gentils, F.Gherendi, C.Fleurier,                   E.Le Menn, V.Zoita

8P-023 Trivelpiece-Gould modes in inhomogeneous plasma waveguides

              Shivarova A., K.Tarnev

8P-024 Radially-inhomogeneous collisional plasma waveguides in an external                       magnetic field

              Shivarova A., Kh.Tarnev

8P-025 Investigation of the late ionization growth in Ne and Ar filled diodes

              Stepanovic O., M.Radovic, C.Maluckov, D.Grubisic-Nozica

8P-026 Quantum processes in discharge plasma double layer

              Strat M., G.Strat, S.Gurliu

8P-027 Multiple double layers in glow discharges

              Strat M., G.Strat, S.Gurliu

8P-028 Particle nucleation in acetylene RF plasmas

              Stoykov S., C.Eggs, U.Kortshagen

8P-029 Laboratory and space double layers: a similarity

              Toma M., I.Rusu, I.Mihaila

8P-030 Wall polarization influence on the breakdown voltages

              Vladoiu R., G.Musa



Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                       1700 - 1900

9P-001 Barycentrical method for determination the density of a single particle                       from a liquide dispersed system

              Dakova D., D.Christozov, M.Beleva

9P-002 Energy minimisation in amorfous ribbon materials

              Derebasi N.

9P-003 A possible law of fretting wear

        Doca C.

9P-004 Exact solutions of the Schrodinger equation for some of the confined                        potentials

              Egrifes H., F.Buyukkilic, D.Demirhan

9P-005 New coordinate transformation equations valid in relativistic conditions

               Has I., A.Has

9P-006 The analysis of the two pencils resulted from a split light beam

               Has I., A.Has

9P-007 Stark ionization of relativistic atom in the electric field

               Horvat A., V.Lazur, O.Reity

9P-008 Threshold energy for direct transition

        Istrate M.

9P-009 A phase operator with unusual spectrum

              Lalovic D., A.Tancic, D.Kostic

9P-010 The WKB method in the two-center quantum-mechanical problem for the        Dirac equation

              Lazur V., O.Reity

9P-011 On the electromagnetic nature of the matter and the gravitation

        Penchev P.

9P-012 Model of Dirac electron. Calculation of its parameters

        Rangelov J.

9P-013 Heisenberg convenient way for description of electron

        Rangelov J.

9P-014 Feynman convenient way in description of electron

        Rangelov J.

9P-015 Schrodinger convenient way for description of electron

        Rangelov J.

9P-016 Model of vacuum and its elementary excitation: photon

        Rangelov J.

9P-017 Model of Dirac electron. Source of its relativistic parameters

        Rangelov J.

9P-018 Model of hadrons: barions and mesons, built by quarks and gluons

        Rangelov J.

9P-019 Symmetry and dimensional reduction of the Dirac operator over principle       SU(3) bundles

              Rousseva G., P.Nikolov

9P-020 Acausal pulses in physics-numerical simulations

       Toma C.

9P-021 Exact bound states for the truncated Kratzer potential

       Urumov V.

9P-022 Exact results for B-E-G model of regularly mixed higher Ising spins

       Urumov V.

9P-023 Inconsistency between the mass-velocity relation and impulse                                  conservation law

              Vatzov M.



            Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                       1700 - 1900

10P-001 Fast multipole method for calculation of the Coulomb interactions

                between charged points, located near a flat metal surface

                Dimitrov D., N.Raev

10P-002 A new proposed algorithm to support optimum transceiver routing in a                       computer-based wireless communication network

                Louvros S., J.Panoutsopoulos, S.Kotsopoulos, D.Zevgolis,                             H.Kambezidis

10P-003 Machine vision image analysis for needs of quality control of grain                             cultures

                Mladenov M., S.Penchev

10P-004 Well-formed formula transformation in natural language

                Radu S.

10P-005 One decision of tensor equations for Petri nets models

                Tashev T., R.Tasheva



Thursday, 24.08.2000.   900 - 1100

11P-001  Advances of geomodelling to the synergetic distributions in the                                Balkan peninsula

                Andonov Z., E.Botev

11P-002 An adaptive approach for situational analysis of  space experiments

                Atanasov A.

11P-003  A computerized model for control of a scanning photometric system for                    upper atmosphere investigation

                Atanasov A., L.Bankov, K.Kanev, N.Petkov, G.Christov

11P-004 Geophysical metodes in the geothermal resource investigations in the                       Skopje valley

                Gorgieva M., D.Gorgiev, N.Stolic, S.Manasov

11P-005  Analysis of fractal properties of some aftershock sequences

                Gospodinov D., E.Marekova

11P-006  On the characteristics of blocking anticyclones that persist over

     Europe in winter

                Hafez Y.

11P-007  Evaluation of grid products of Reading and Bracknell numerical

     weather prediction models for the Balkan region

                 Hristov H.

11P-008  Long range forecast for first autumn frost according to ground

    surface’s data for local region

                Ivanov R., R.Raykov

11P-009 Climate fluctuation in the region of Pazardzik during the last century

                Kouzmova K.

11P-010 Climate changes in the region of Pazardzik and their effect on the                             agroclimatic resources

                Kouzmova K.

11P-011 Automatic digital registration of meteorological parameters

                Mardirossian G.

11P-012 Compensation seismoreceiver

                Mardirossian G., B.Boytchev

11P-013 Modeling of atmospheric flow field: a transpotr of pollutans

                Popovic M., M.Dacic

11P-014 The dependences of air pollutant concentration as well as the                                  temperature on diffusion

               Radlovic D., A.Vicekruna, M.Pantic

11P-015 Automated system for statistical hourly forecast of group quantities for                     one meteorological station

               Sheptoev J., R.Raykov

11P-016 Influence of the orbital and solar luminosity variations on glaciations

               Shopov Y., D.Stoykova, L.Tsankov

11P-017 Analysis of the physical mechanisms for a severe storm over the

               Mediterranean: a case of local tornado in the south of Rhodopes


               Simeonov P., C.Georgiev

11P-018 On the temperature variabilities in middle atmosphere over

    Southeastern Europe

               Simeonov P., St.Kolev

11P-019 Heatensurence of the hilly relief and the grape-vine yields

               Stoychev S.

11P-020 Spatial and temporal variations of atmospheric pollution levels over the                      urban area of Thessaloniki, Greece

                Tegoulias I.



Friday, 25.08.2000.       900 - 1100

12P-001  Radiochemical determination of Ra-226 in agricultural soils

                Akyl S., P.Aytap, M.Aslani, M.Eral

12P-002 Spectroscopic investigations of Black sea beach-sand samples rich in                      monosite mineral

                Akyuz T., S.Akyuz

12P-003 EDXRF and gamma-isotopic analysis of uranium-phosphate deposit

    from Canakkale-Ayvacik (Turkey)

                Akyuz T., A.Varinlioglu, A.Koze, A.Bassari

12P-004 Water tightness investigation of the second dam of Faceshi reservoir

    by the means of tracer methods

                Amataj S.

12P-005 Measuring and localizing water fluxes through holding elements of                            water reservoirs and currents

                Amataj S.

12P-006  Investigation of the components of the mass-energy exchange    

                within the surface layer around the “Koprinka-lake”

                Atanasov D., A.Tzenkova, J.Ivancheva

12P-007 Levels of polonium-210 in the grapevine leaves in Gediz plain of


                Aytap P., G.Gurboda, G.Yaprak

12P-008 Heavy metal concentrations along the Gediz basin

                Bakac M.

12P-009 Trace element analysis in coal ash by using X-ray fluorescence                                spectrometry

                Bassari A., T.Akyuz, N.Yilmaz

12P-010 The GERMON-program in the environmental supervision

                Bayer M., L.Daraban, P.Plitan, L.Floca, T.Fiat

12P-011 EDXRF analysis of environmental samples using direct measurement

    of absorbption for matrix correction

                Civici N., I.Tufa

12P-012 Low-level microwave irradiation of plants: biochemical, citogenetical

    and electrical responces

                Creanga D., S.Miclaus

12P-013 The study of the radiological zones in the Somes river hydrographyc                         basin from Romania

                Daraban L., L.Daraban

12P-014 Use of the MRL-5 radar for birds migration studies

                Dinevic L., I.Leshem, A.Kapitannikov, A.Shupiatsky

12P-015 Improvement of the sorption capacity of zeolites by using ultrasonic                          waves

                Ekinci S., A.Bassari, T.Akyuz

12P-016 Ozone air pollution over the Balkan peninsula

                Grigorieva V., S.Kolev, M.Mihalev

12P-017 MCCM a mixing cell cascade source term computer code for LILW                           facility

                Ilie P., L.Didita

12P-018 Methodology for investigation of the “soil-plant” systems - spectral                            optical characteristics in the visible and near infrared field of the                                          electromagnetic spectra

                Ilieva V.

12P-019 Climate conditions in the biosphere reserve “Srebarna” region

                Koleva E., A.Tzenkova, J.Ivancheva

12P-020 Effects of climate change on plant growth and crop production

                Koleva - LizamaI.

12P-021 Recycling of electric and electronic waste in Greece: possibilities and                       prospects

                Konstantinidis P., A.Skordilis, J.Kaldellis

12P-022 Activity of radionuclide in ice on mountain Durmitor from 1997-1999

                Kovacevic D., D.Veselinovic, T.Andjelic, D.Vukovic

12P-023 Quality of water on Durmitor for 1999 year

                Kovacevic D., D.Veselinovic, D.Markovic, D.Vukovic, T.Andjelic

12P-024 Contamination measurements of soil directly penetrated by NATO anti-                    tank bullets

                Manic G.

12P-025 Nuclear accident management on SCN-Pitesti site

                Margeanu S., T.Angelescu

12P-026 Wastewater treatment with polyelectrolytes obtained by radiation                 induced polymerization

                Martin D., G.Craciun, E.Mateescu, M.Dragusin, D.Ighigeanu,

                H.Iovu, I.Calinescu, R.Rotaru

12P-027 Method of natural background precise meassurement

                Miloslavov V.

12P-028 Depositions of heavy metals and radionuclides on the surface soil in                         some industrial regions of South Bulgaria studied by nuclear methods

    of analysis

                Mitrikov M., A.Antonov, H.Hristov, V.Kmetov

12P-029 Investigation the ecological state of the region of Maritza-iztok  coal-

    fired power plants in Bulgaria using nuclear methods of analysis

                Mitrikov M., A.Antonov, H.Hristov, S.Marinova, A.Belov, O.Maslov

12P-030 Low backgraund laboratory for gamma spectrometric studies of                                environmental objects

                Maslyuk V., O.Parlag, P.Puga, M.Stec, I.Kobaly, I.Negrya

12P-031 Environmental tritium around a CANDU nuclear power plant

                Niculina P., A.Melintescu, D.Breban, D.Galeriu, N.Mocanu

12P-032 Lead and cadmium concentrations of deep sea food samples obtained                      from Bosphorus

                Ozcelik D., M.Akyolcu, K.Temizyurek, S.Toplan

12P-033 Cs-137 contents in living resources from Romanian Black sea sector

                Patrascu V.

12P-034 Electrooptical automatic system for technological and ecological                             monitoring using a laser and fibre optics

                Petrakiev A., D.Hristozov, N.Sultanova, T.Oreshkov, I.Dimitrov,                      V.Georgieva, K.Krastev, Z.Nikolaeva

12P-035 Sr-90 and Cs-137 level in milk in some areas of Albania after

    Chernobyl acident

                Qafmolla L., K.Fishka

12P-036 Radionuclides in ground level air in Belgrade area

                Todorovic D., D.Popovic, M.Radenkovic, G.Djuric

12P-037 Electronic transitions in chlorophyll molecules from Chelidonium majus                     L. are influenced by gamma irradiation

                Vlahovici A., A.Pavel, M.Trifan, D.Creanga, I.Bara

12P-038 Natural radionuclides in the river of south of Serbia Nisava and Timok

    in 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999

                Vucovic D., D.Hajdukovic, N.Vukelic, D.Markovic

12P-039 Stratospheric NO2 slant column amount at Stara Zagora station

                Werner R., I.Kostadinov, A.Atanasov, D.Vlaev, G.Giovanelli,                          

    F.Ravegnani, A.Petritolo, D.Bortoli

12P-040 Results of an investigation of the radioactive contamination of soils in

    the region around “Kozloduy” NPP

                Yordanova I., D.Staneva, L.Misheva, M.Najdenov



Thursday, 24.08.2000.   900 - 1100

13P-001 Electrodeposited CuInSe2 thin films for solar cell application

                Ganchev M., E.Tzvetkova, K.Kochev, N.Stratieva

13P-002 Back walls solar cell with cuprous oxide grown by galvanostatic


                Georgieva V.

13P-003 Geothermal energy in Macedonia-alternative source of energy

                Gorgieva M., D.Gorgiev, S.Manasov

13P-004 Wind energy surplus management for remote consumers using a water                     pumping storage system

                Kavadias K., J.Kaldellis

13P-005 Use of alternative sources of energy: design study of photovoltaic

    based parking area lighting system

                Perraki V., K.Kotsovos

13P-006 Angle dependence of photovoltaic parameters of  a-Si solar cell

                Radovanovic L., T.Pavlovic

13P-007 Photovoltaic cells based on chemically deposited p-type SnS

                Ristov M., G.Sinadinovski, M.Mitreski, M.Ristova

13P-008 Data monitoring system for PV generators

                Stoev M., A.Katerski

13P-009 Experimental and simulation work of 1.5 kWp PV generators

                Stoev M., A.Amova, A.Katerski

13P-010 Analysis of PV data during solar eclipse ’99

               Stoev M., A.Amova, I.Amov, A.Katerski



Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                       1700 - 1900

14P-001 Dissipative structures in the stock market space

                Gligor M., M.Ignat



Thursday, 24.08.2000.   1700 - 1900

15P-001 Photoconductive frequency-resolved spectrometer with M68HC11                microcontroller

                Burda I., S.Simon, M.Todica, S.D.Anghel, G.Cerbanic, A.Simon

15P-002 The ferrites- catalysts of increasing importance

                Caldararu M., M.Feder, V.Vilceanu

15P-003 On transport properties of granular Ni-SiO2 thins films

                Chiriac H., M.Lozovan, M.Urse, F.V.Rusu, A.E.Moga

15P-004 On the Hall effect and magnetoresistance of Co67,25Fe4,5Si12,25B15Mo1                           amorphous and crystallized ribbons

                Chiriac H., M.Lozovan, M.Neagu

15P-005 Domain wall velocity in amorphous ribbons under different surface                             conditions and tension

                Derebasi N.

15P-006 Magnetic properties of amorphous toroidal wound cores and C-cores

                Derebasi N., I.Kucuk

15P-007 The large gyromagnetic effect on post production treated amorphous                         wires

                Derebasi N., T.Meydan

15P-008 Melt free radical grafting of an oxazoline compound onto HDPE and its                      use as compatibilizer in PET/HDPE blends

                Dimitrova T., C.Colletti, F.La Mantia

15P-009 Magnetic properties of amorphous Fe40Ni38Mo4B18 toroidal transducer                         core

                Goktepe M.

15P-010 The influence of deposition conditions on microstructural properties of                      TiN hard coatings

               Grigore E., A.Manea, A.Popescu, C.Ruset

15P-011 Multielement activation analysis of lithion carbonate Li2CO3 and boron                      oxide B2O3

                             Holovey V., O.Parlag, V.Maslyuk, I.Kobaly, M.Stec, P.Puga,                                       S.Sukharev, Pitchenco, V.Marunchak

15P-012 Determination of growth container material impurity content in Li2B4O7                       and a-Al2O3 single crystals

                Holovey V., O.Parlag, V.Maslyuk, P.Puga, D.Bletskan, J.Bundash,                             I.Turok

15P-013 Electron beam technology to obtain fast silicon diodes

                Iliescu E., V.Banu, C.Codreanu

15P-014 Dielectric properties of the ferroelectric solid solution system


                Ivanov I., C.Karapanov, A.Zheglova, S.Yordanov

15P-015 Thermal expansion of Al2TiO5 - MgO ceramics

                Ivanova M., L.Stefanovska, S.Popjanev, M.Milosevski

15P-016 The comparison of the structures of some cationic forms of clinoptilolite

                obtained from Manisa-Gordes in Turkey using their XRD spectrums

                Izci E., O.Orhun

15P-017 Investigation of the optical and photoelectrical properties of TlGaX2                            ternary compounds

                Kalkan N., J.A.Kalomiros, A.N.Hanias, A.N.Anagnostopoulos,                         K.Kambas

15P-018 Dielectric properties of the ceramic system Bi2(Ti1-xSnx)3O9

                Karapanov C., C.Ivanov, A.Zheglova, S.Yordanov

15P-019 Practical realization of background correction in EDS analysis of

                ceramic materials

                Miljkovic M., L.Zivkovic

15P-020 Some peculiarities of orientation of smectic liquid crystals on the

                complex compound thin films surfaces

                Nesrullajev A., M.Tepe, N.Kazanci, D.Abukay

15P-021 An ESR study of mercury-sensitised photo-CVD silicon nitride thin films

                Nicolic G., R.Nicolic

15P-022 The investigation of dielectric properties of Na cationic form of                                   clinoptilolite obtained from Manisa-Gordes region in Turkey

                Orhun O., E.Izci

15P-023 Leakage currents in RF-sputtered Ta2O5 thin films

                Pecovska M., N.Novkovski. E.Atanassova, T.Dimitrova

15P-024 Narrow band gap semiconducting alloys of the system PbTe-TlSbTe2

                Popovici N., G.Listunov

15P-025 Spatial distribution of the current densities in an infrared-visible image                       converter

                Salamov B., H.Yucel, K.Colakoglu

15P-026 Optical and fotoelectrical characteristics of thin films of CdS doped with


                Tanusevski A., M.Mitrevski, I.Tomov

15P-027 A comparison of optical properties of SnO2 thin films prepared by

                reactive evaporation and by annealing

                Ulutas K., D.Deger

15P-028 Electrical properties of Bi2Zr3O9 ceramics

                Yordanov S., C.Karapanov, I.Ivanov

15P-029 Electrical properties of (CuO)1-x(CdO)x ceramics

                Yordanov S., A.Zheglova

15P-030 Investigation of renal calculi crystallisation by X-ray structural analysis

                Baeva M., A.Boianova, M.Ivanova

15P-031 Optical emission spectrometry of some middle ages buckles from                            Dobrudja Romania

                Belc M.

15P-032 Ionization chamber detectors for industrial use

                Calin M., L.Craciun

15P-033 The effect of irradiation on the specific absorption rate of a ferrofluid

    used in hyperthermia

                Crachiun V., G.Calugaru, V.Badescu

15P-034 Gold, silver and copper determination with accuracy by N.A.A. with                           isotopic neutron sources in ancient coins

                Daraban L., V.Znamirovschi, C.Cosma, T.Fiat, D.Boros, L.Daraban

15P-035 Study of zeolite active sites by NMR spectroscopy

                Djurich-Stanojevic B., L.Miljkovic, V.Manic

15P-036 Inspection of cracks in ferromagnetic materials by detecting stray field

                Goktepe M., Y.Ege, M.Uckun

15P-037 Speed monitoring sensor for a rotating shaft

          Goktepe M.

15P-038 White wine electrophoresis treatment

                Gramatikov P., S.Shtrakov

15P-039 Shallow contacts in silicon X- and g-ray detectors

                Karmakov I., A.Konova

15P-040 LiF as a thermoluminescent dosimeter at radiotherapic level irradiation                      doses

                Kirikkaya E., N.Kiyak

15P-041 Detection of radiation treatment and dose estimation studies on                                irradiated foods

                Kiyak N.

15P-042 The pore system development in hydrating cement pasted studies by                        NMR

                Manic V., L.Miljkovic, B.Djuric-Stanojevic, G.Manic

15P-043 Non-destructive emittance determination of a high intensity electron                          beam source

                Marghitu S., C.Dinca, C.Oproiu, D.Martin, D.Ighigeanu

15P-044 Structural and preferrential orientation characterization of the new pan                       fibres, used as carbon fiber precursors, by X-ray diffraction techniques

                Pencea I., G.Tiriba

15P-045 Determination of microstress gradient after mechanical polyshing of                          martensitic steels

                Pencea I., G.Tiriba

15P-046 Film radiation dosimetry by UV-vis spectrometry

                Petrakiev A., G.Kostov, N.Mutkurov, K.Krastev

15P-047 The application of the IRSL dating technique to feldspars from                                   Zonguldag - Turkey

                Tanyr G., H.Aytekin

15P-048 Investigation of radiation effect in ceramics

                Yarar Y.

15P-049 Negative resistance and current oscilations in heating D.C. electric


                Ahmedova C., B.Barkhalov, H.Seidli

15P-050 On calorimetry of an electrolytic cell

                Chicea D., G.Miley

15P-051 Effective-resonator method for nondestructive microwave                                           measurements of gyrotropic materials

                Dankov P., I.Vineshki

15P-052 Functional study of a differentially D.C. biased magnetic field sensor

                Ioan C., M.Macoviciuc, E.Diaconu, C.Macovei

15P-053 Statistical analysis of breakdown time delays in Kr at pdmin for different                      overvoltages

                Jovanovich T., M.Radovic, O.Stepanovic, C.Maluckov

15P-054 Commutation arc-commutator and spectral investigations in case of                          brass and silumin contacts

                Kolev N., A.Petleshkova

15P-055 Investigation of the pulse characteristics breakdown in nitrogen by                            dynamical and time delay measuring methods

                Maluckov C., M.Radovic, V.Markovic, O.Stepanovic, I.Denic

15P-056 Calorimetric low power microwaves absorption measurements in liquid                      samples

                Miclaus S., D.Ionescu, E.Surducan

15P-057 Investigation of coupled resonances in HTS microstrip structures with a

                ferrite component

                Nurgaliev T., S.Miteva, A.Jenkins, D.Dew-Hughes

15P-058 Modeling of magnetic field distribution in layered NTS-structures

                Nurgaliev T., P.Petkov

15P-059 The mean value and the standard deviation of the breakdown time

    delay in neon vs number of events

                Radovic M., T.Jovanovic, C.Maluckov, O.Stepanovic

15P-060 A new principle realisation of microwave oscilator with highly short and                      long time-frequency stabilization

                Simeonova B., P.Stankov

15P-061 Data acquisition and control for horizontal Weiss balance with an

                embedded system

                Tunyagi A., V.Pop, I.Burda


Friday, 25.08.2000.       900 - 1100

15P-062 Temperature dependence of photo VAC of vidicon target on the base of


                Afrailov M., I.Tapan, U.Bobohadjaev

15P-063 Vibrating bonds and the Fermi level in pseudodoped a-Si:H

                Afrailov M., N.Derebasi, R.Ikramov

15P-064 Physical quality control and nondestructive testing in industry

                Akay K., A.Avinc

15P-065 Detection and determination of methyl and ethyl alcohols

                ­concentrations in their liquid mixture

                Angoni K., A.Roshi, O.Demko

15P-066 Environmental monitoring using conductivity measurements

                Cimpoca V., C.Stihi, O.Bute, I.Ivan, G.Busuioc

15P-067 Simulation of signal generation for argon based gas detectors

                Demir N., I.Tapan

15P-068 Pixe analysis applied in the downer cow syndrome study

                Dima G., L.Manea, I.Popescu, C.Stihi

15P-069 Recycling of the “light fraction” from municipal post-consumer plastics:                      effect of adding wood fibres

                Dintcheva N., F.P.La Mantia

15P-070 Composite hydrogels obtained by ionizing radiation

                Dragusin M., D.Martin, R.Rotaru, E.Mateescu, D.Ighigeanu

15P-071 The ventilation of the cigarette filters with several porous ventilation                            zones

                Djurdjanovic O., L.Miljkovic

15P-072 Microwave impact on enzyme lactate dehydrogenase

                Hategan A., D.Martin, A.Popescu, C.Butan, C.Oproiu,                                                 I.Margaritescu

15P-073 Microwave and accelerated electron beam impact on frozen lactate                           dehydrogenase

                Hategan A., D.Martin, C.Butan, C.Oproiu, I.Margaritescu

15P-074 pH and cation effect on sodium carboximethylcellulose rheology

                Imer F., M.Kozcaz, I.Sonmezoglu

15P-075 Linear pressure field of circular and rectangular transducers of the

    same area

                Kaya O., D.Kaleci, A.Sahin

15P-076 Microorganisms inactivation by electron beam irradiation and                                    microwave heating

                Margaritescu I., D.Martin, D.Ighigeanu, A.Hategan, C.Oproiu,                         E.Mateescu, G.Craciun

15P-077 Microwave aparatus for applied physics

                Martin D., C.Oproiu, D.Ighigeanu

15P-078 Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation application to polymeric material                           preparation

                Martin D., E.Mateescu, G.Craciun, H.Iovi, I.Calinescu, D.Ighigeanu,

    C.Oproiu, A.Ighigeanu

15P-079 Radiation vulcanization efficiency improvement by additional use of                           microwave energy

                Martin D., D.Ighigeanu, H.Iovi, I.Calinescu, C. Oproiu, E.Mateescu,

    A.Ighigeanu, G.Craciun

15P-080 Posibilities for desirable change of consistency of oil-based systems by

                rheological modificators

                Marudova M., N.Jilov, I.Kacarov

15P-081 On some analogy between natural phenomena and corresponding                             social phenomena

                Maskovic L., S.Pilipovic, M.Milosevic

15P-082 Electron beam irradiation effects on insulating materials

                Oproiu C., D.Martin, S.Marghitu, M.Toma

15P-083 Photoluminescence study of hexagonal GaN layers grown by molecular        beam epitaxy on GaAs substrate

                Pavelescu E., M.Androulidaki, A.Georgakilas, G.Cimpoca,                                         S.Spanulescu

15P-084 Study on obtainment and physicichemical characterization of some Si-                    PILCs

                Popovici E., I.Bedelean, G.Singurel, D.Pop, M.Stral, Curuciuc-                     Suceveanu A.

15P-085 Physicochemical characrerization of Al-PILCs prepared from different                        Roumanian bentonites

                Popovici E., I.Bedelean, G.Singurel, A.Bradu, H.Bedelean, M.Ivan

15P-086 Smith-Purcell spectra from tilted trajectory electrons with grating rulings

                Scarlat F., M.Facina

15P-087 Project of photocathode study

                Scarlat F., M.Facina

15P-088 Liquid droplet vizualization at nanometric resolution with scanning                             polarisation force microscope

                Serghei A., M.Ulmeanu, A.Cazacu, P.Budau, M.Enachescu

15P-089 Mineral elements analysis of Basella Alba leaves using pixe method

                Stihi C., G.Busuioc, I.Popescu, G.Dima

15P-090 System for determining of dynamical contact wetting angel

                Tabaliov, D.Svirachev



Wednesday, 23.08.2000.                       1500 - 1700

16P-001 Spectral decomposition of fluorescence emission of photosystem I                           particles

                Andreeva A.

16P-002 Relation between cigarette smoking and human serum cadmium                             concentration

                Azelik D., M.Akyolcu, S.Toplan, K.Temizyrek

16P-003 Chlorophyll fluorescence as a tool to screen and characterize                                   photosynthetic apparatus

                Babani F.

16P-004 RF dielectric responce of some proteines

                Condurache D., G.Strat, R.Badescu, I.Grecu

16P-005 An application in biology of coupled electrical circuits

                Cosma V., M.Lozovan, M.Cosma, D.Hagianu

16P-006 Whyte eyed fruitfuly electroretinogram is modified by magnetic                                 treatment

                Creanga D., V.Morariu, R.Isac

16P-007 Solubility increasing spectral control of some 3,7-dimethyl-xantines in                       water ultrasounded solutions

                Dorohoi D., L.Profire, M.Gheorghiu, G.Danula

16P-008 Model and numerical results in determining of liquid-monofilament                             contact angle

                Dumitrascu N., G.Stancu, G.Popa

16P-009 Comparative measurements of gas radon levels in some industry


                Vucic D., M.Kocic

16P-010 The study of genetical variability on grape under gamma radiation by                         using peroxidesic polymorphism

                Giosanu D.

16P-011 The sources of tension and relaxation for which living organism can’t                         avoid: electrification

                Kanat M., M.Zan, Y.Ege

16P-012 Impedance spectroscopy of glassy carbon supported thin lipid films

                Karabaliev M., V.Kochev

16P-013 Sedimentation slow-rates determination of erythrocytes’ suspension by                     absorbsion measuring

                Kounov N.

16P-014 Atom electronegativity parameters periodicity, builders of amino acidic                      molecules

                Lazarevic D.

16P-015 Peculiar voltage-dependence processes at the interaction between N-                      type Ca2+ channels and synthetic conopeptides

                Lucian T.

16P-016 Microwave fields induce peripheral blood hematobiochemical changes

                in occupational exposed individuals

                Miclaus S., D.Puia, A.Bolca

16P-017 Human eye functional changes induced by occupational exposure to                         microwave fields

                Miclaus S., G.Vlad, A.Ionus

16P-018 Method for the determination of aromatic hydrocarbons by electronic                         spectra

                Mosescu N., A.Baciu, G.Ruxanda

16P-019 Possible resonance influence of electromagnetic field on biological                            proton transfer regulation

                Neshev N., E.Nesheva,P.Dankov

16P-020 Study about  the survival of some common carp (Cyprinus Carpio L.)                         offsprings obtained using gamma iradiated sperms

                Nicolesci C., D.Dorohoi

16P-021 Determination of iron content in human blood by activation method at                        the M-30 microtron

                Parlag O., V.Maslyuk, I.Cobaly, M.Stec, V.Bilak, I.Lemko

16P-022 Mineral elements in composites for restorative dentistry. II. Impruved                         analysis by PIXE

                Preoteasa E.A., C.Ciortea, D.Fluerasu, S.Enescu, E.Preoteasa

16P-023 Stable free radicals in blood serum of patients with homozigous                                thalassemia detected by EPR

                Preoteasa E., G.Schianchi, D.Giori

16P-024 Fast neutrons radiotherapy and treatments with drugs bearing -SH                            groups

                Radu L., B.Constantinescu, D.Gazdaru, I.Radulescu

16P-025 Mutations induction on the characteres of wheat by physical and                             chemical mutagens

                Stamo I., A.Ylli, D.Zeneli

16P-026 The application of SEM-EDX method in detection of GSR particles

                Stoyanovic J., M.Miljikovic, B.Zivkovic

16P-027 Influence of charged macromolecules (lizozyme) to electroacoustic                           signals excited in a solution

                Tankovski N., K.Nedev, G.Alexieva

16P-028 Determination of optimal physical characteristics of glass                                                     microelectrodes and their content in intracellular action potential


                Temizyurek K., M.Akyolcu, D.Ozcelik

16P-029 Optimal strategy of soft laser therapy in oral pathology

                Zivkovic B., D.Kojovic, N.Krunic, S.Martinovic, V.Brancovic




Friday, 25.08.2000.       1500 - 1700

17P-001 “Physics education” web site for the students

                Caltun O.

17P-002 Conceptual questions in the course of general physics                                             (electromagnetism) as the way to teach students to do thinking about                     physics instead of memorizing and juggling equations

                Jonoska M., A.Tuntev

17P-003 One example of using an angular modulation technique in university                          physics exercises

                Karmakov I., A.Konova

17P-004 An investigation of the lecturer-physicist as examinator during the                             teaching process

                Manolova A., Z.Peykov

17P-005 The use of new educational technologies and Internet in teaching of                          general physics, biophysics, environmental and laser physics

                Petrakiev A., N.Ralev, N.Sultanova, P.Stamova, V.Georgieva,                       K.Krastev

P17-006 Study of light polarization using computer simulation. The polarization

    of the reflected light

                Postolache M., M.Postolache, D.Dorohoi

P17-007 A student expedition for observation of the total solar eclipse

                Stefanova T.

P17-008 Post-graduate course in medical radiation physics

                Tabakov S., A.Antonov, N.Balabanov, G.Belev, M.Mitrikov

P17-009 Heat transfer education. Thermal design of multichip modules

                Tzanova S., N.Mileva

P17-010 Modeling in the mathematical methods in physics course

          Vassileva R.

P17-011 Solving problems in physics - a means for adequate acquisition of                             theoretical terms

                Vassileva R.

P17-012 Delphical

                White C., A.Alizoti

17P-013 An investigation of 8th year-students’ anxieties towards the science                           lessons

                Bakac M., H.Aydin

17P-014 Analysis of the description of the forces acting on a deformed body

                Dimitrov D.

17P-015 A lesson “The problem chaos-order” in the Physics’ for electoral                               schooling with 11.class

               Dimitrova V., V.Dimova

17P-016 Some ecologycal problems in lesson “Electromagnetic radio-frequency                     fields”

                Dimitrova V., L.Ivanova, A.Petkova

17P-017 A lesson on topic “Arc discharge” for compulsory-eligible physical                             training in the 11.class

                Dimitrova V., A.Petkova

17P-018 Environment education through physics classes and extra-curicular                          activities

                Djidjova M.

17P-019 “Electromagnetic induction” a new approach in middle and high schools

                Mandreci A., O.Caltun, M.Ursulean

17P-020 Modern trends in educational Web-based systems

                Mileva N., S.Tzanova, J.Raykova-Bozova

17P-021 Comparison of the characteristics of the gravitational force, gravity and                      weight

                Mitranic L.

17P-022 Study of the acquisition or knowledge of electromagnetic phenomena in

                choise course of physics in secondary school

                Mitrikova R., J.Raykova-Bozova

17P-023 Harmonization with mathematics in physics teaching

                Mulaj Z., L.Cano, D.Cipo, M.Toci

17P-024 Some limit casess in general physics

                Mulaj Z., T.Mulaj, A.Topalli

17P-025 Pilot project for teaching physics in high-school

                Munteanu M., B.Logofatu, M.Logofatu

17P-026 Model version for the structure of the classical electronic theory

          Nicolov S.

17P-027 The modelling - a way for reflexive management of the students

                cognitive work in learning physics

                Petev A., M.Hekimova, M.Atanasova

17P-028 Simplification of the collission parameters determination

                Polovic O., P.Cibin

17P-029 Values of youngsters and perspectives for peaceful nuclear application                      in Albania

                Qafmolla L., A.Gorana

17P-030 Physics education in Bulgarian high school in Tessalonica during the                        first period of its existence - 1880-1913

                Stoyanova R.




Friday, 25.08.2000.       1500 - 1700

18P-001 Physics in the consideration of Hasan Tahsin - the first rector of                              University of Istambul

               Spahiu D., Z.Mulaj

18P-002 Annual reports of Milan Nedeljkovic the founder and the first director of                     Belgrade observatory

               Trajkovska V.

18P-003 The Balkans in the history of physical sciences in Bulgaria (1800-1878)

               Vavrek A.